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HERE we are again doesn't time seem to be whizzing along the 30th November 16 just 1 month left then another year fades into the history books. It's as i see it once one starts nearing the 70s everything appears to go quicker,for it seems like yesterday we were celebrating the dawn of a new century soon we will be into the 17th year of it. As for other people i am sure they have had their up's and down's for the loss of too many people with my cousin who passed in his 40s then my brother in his late 70s, then i had numerous message's of colleague's i used to work with , but as they say that's life ,don't get me wrong there have been plenty good times also,but as i started at the beginning life is definately a whole lot faster than back then , what you think ????OH BY THE WAY HAVE A NICE DAY !!!

Started: 30th Nov 2016 at 03:10

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GOLDEN BEAR You as well,I am having haggis in batter and haggis pizza for tea.the haggis in batter are meatball size.

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I can remember wishing I was "grown up" when I was a young teen (and I can still remember that far back!).
Adults seemed to get to do a lots more interesting things like driving cars and going into a pub for a pint.

I tend to agree that time seems to speed up the older you get, I often wonder how I found time to go out and do a regular job for over 50 years

I officially retired 4 yrs ago but I am still working but at a more sedate pace, picking what I do or don't want to do, I am also Mrs britboys apprentice helping with her jewelry business, a new and different interest

I can't believe I've been in the USA 16yrs this month, felt like 16mins, within itself the USA has been very different, challenging and rewarding so all in all an ongoing learning curve.

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Britboy: Well that's just about what i did, actually i left school age 14 yrs 11months ? the reason being back then we had school leaving at 3 times a year First was Summer, then Christmas, Then Easter. I was eligable for the christmas leave.I went straight into a butchers Apprentership it sure was an induction into working life i have often worked out how many hours per week i did are you sitting comfy? the total was near to 70 hours YES 70are you sitting more comfy? i got my first weeks pay packet in it was
£2. 10s. 6p ,i could go on on so i will stop there Britboy oh i did post several request's from you but i dont know what happened to them i was deeply interested about you ie where yo live,how long if abroad etc i will ask youagain later if it's ok finally you say about memory, how's this i can tell you EVERYTHING about me from the age of 3 years young im nearly 70 how's about that!

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St.Andrews day was always celebrated at Haigh Hall in the 50's
A St.Andrews night ball was held on the nearest Saturday to St.Andrews day.
As a child of Scottish/Irish parentage I was expected to attend.

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Posted by: jouell (4705)

41 years ago on Dec 19th I flew from Manchester to Heathrow.. Dec 20th left London to fly to Boston MA..
I was 31 when I left and am 72 now, shaking my head at how long I have been here.. doesn't seem real...
My first job leaving school was a Hairdressers Apprentice, earning just over 10 shillings.After a few weeks, my Mam said it wasn't enough and I had to go work in the mills, were I earned 3 pound 50....
It will be Christmas in 3 weeks, a time, when more than any other time, I think back through all the Memories of Christmases past when I was growing up in England and as hard as times were back then, I wouldn't trade them for all the glitz and over the top gifts that seems to be what Christmas is about now..
Times have changed, but I still have my lovely memories...

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Posted by: britboy (6794)

18th November 2000 when I flew out of Manchester airport with a oneway ticket, 16yrs went by in a flash

Replied: 2nd Dec 2016 at 14:59

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4162) 

BRITBOY: Hello mate so where do you reside now and i know im being cheeky but what was the reason for upsticks / i have had this with daughter son/law/grand children, they left for NZ North island .twas the most HEART WRENCHING thing we ever went thro still cant get over it. Sorry im just curious. Have a nice day B.B.

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Posted by: jouell (4705)

GB I did the same to my parents.. My dad said when I had said the last goodbye , that he felt as if I had died and he would never see me again.. This was in the 70s, when travel to the US was not a common thing as it is now. Little did he know at that time, how many times we would bring him and Mam over for visits and how much of the states he got to see..

Both my parents have been gone for years now, but it still kills me, knowing how much I hurt them...I am sorry for the pain you are dealing with....

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Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4162) 

Thank you very much :: jouell, for sharing that with me you have at least like you said had them over some times and i am happy for you . bye.

Replied: 3rd Dec 2016 at 00:12


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