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Quadruple busters

Started by: Tiger cat (1134) 

This team that was going to win everything loses to a team struggling for form.
Won 1 drawn 2 lost none.

Started: 7th Apr 2024 at 17:27

Posted by: whups (13367) 

and now it seems treble busters .

Replied: 7th Apr 2024 at 23:45

Posted by: peter g (3542) 

I'm embarrassed about not winning that one considering the possession and shots we had I dont think Arsenal will lose another game this season and are scoring for fun. Still we have one cup in the cabinet and are favourites in the Euro League and will be in CL next season unlike some teams

Replied: 8th Apr 2024 at 12:36

Posted by: whups (13367) 

and still guaranteed nothing peter . ,

Replied: 8th Apr 2024 at 12:45

Posted by: peter g (3542) 

We still won the Mickey Mouse cup already whups Can't take that away

Replied: 8th Apr 2024 at 12:58

Posted by: whups (13367) 

maybe not but a far cry from a quadruple .

Replied: 8th Apr 2024 at 15:10

Posted by: whups (13367) 

looks like the internet has gone down in marsh green .

Replied: 8th Apr 2024 at 23:50


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