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BBC RL(non)coverage

Started by: Joe Maplin (903)

Top match of the round hidden away on iplayer
no video ref at this game
Super league show dropped .
Mondays draw at 18;45 radio5 live on a football show,draw to be made by two darts players.
Don't think they are serious about RL,in fact I think they are tekin the pi55
BTW ,Wigan poor again tonight,ref even worse!

Started: 22nd Mar 2024 at 22:54

Posted by: Owd Codger (3195)

Joe Maplin

Spot on in regard to the BBC and also tonights game and the Referee!

Replied: 23rd Mar 2024 at 00:39

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15558)

I found that St Helens v Leeds game in iPlayer, that was the only one being shown anywhere, the Wigan match wasn't shown at all, but in iPlayer the BBC did the coverage on the cheap, a lot less cameras used and it wasn't even in shown in HD, so I turned it off

Replied: 23rd Mar 2024 at 14:27

Posted by: Joe Maplin (903)

No disrespect meant to the women here,but they can find space in the schedule to show the womens 6 nations match live

Replied: 23rd Mar 2024 at 16:33

Posted by: roylew (4042)

BBC chronic ch4 was excellent

Replied: 24th Mar 2024 at 16:05

Posted by: Owd Codger (3195)


The BBC only outbid Channel Four for the showing of some Super League games to keep Rugby League in the shadow of the team games of both men's and womens Football and Rugby Union.

Replied: 25th Mar 2024 at 06:55

Posted by: whups (13367) 

we are only getting football highlights arnt we ? .

Replied: 25th Mar 2024 at 12:12

Posted by: Joe Maplin (903)

Cas away in the quarters it is then
Stains v warrington,hope they knock seven bells out of each other

Replied: 25th Mar 2024 at 21:18

Posted by: roylew (4042)

Agree JM…unbiased opinion of course

Replied: 26th Mar 2024 at 08:23

Posted by: Tiger cat (1134) 

Draw making it hard for st helens get to wembley,
Looks like wigan got luck of the draw again, but thats how it goes.

Replied: 26th Mar 2024 at 10:12

Posted by: Joe Maplin (903)

Roy….of course

Replied: 26th Mar 2024 at 10:32

Posted by: Brasstoff (482)

I've just had a look at the draw, to find Bette Lynch and his boys have an away game at Hull KR, tough game for them.

Replied: 26th Mar 2024 at 12:14

Posted by: peter g (3542) 

Sod Leigh

Replied: 26th Mar 2024 at 13:19

Posted by: roylew (4042)

Leigh…good team but a bit of a joke as club..too much of a gimmick…gimmicks don’t last

Replied: 27th Mar 2024 at 11:45


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