"stupid polynesian c***"

Started by: wigvet (3463)

Could this alleged racist remark in last nights game against Hull signal the end of Tony Clubb's career at Wigan?

Seems somewhat ironic that they ‘took the knee’ before the game to demonstrate their opposition to racism

Started: 30th Apr 2021 at 07:45

Posted by: roylew (3283)

I think you’re right there....silly man

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 09:29

Posted by: peter g (2646) 

If found guilty he's on his way to Leigh after his suspension Also are those the words he used wigvet and how did you find out.

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 11:45

Posted by: whups (5999) 

he most likely be found guilty as sky cameras picked it up .

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 11:58

Posted by: peter g (2646) 

Whups I ran it back a few times and never found it So if I call mt mate a stupid Scottish C am I racist too

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 12:06

Posted by: whups (5999) 

it,s in the paper today that the cameras picked it up but no sound ? .

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 12:50

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (7188)

So what is the 'offence' as in if one rugby player calls another rugby player a very rude word, is that the end of his playing career, or is it OK to do that as long as you don't mention the 'ethnicity' or 'colour' of the player .....

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 13:05

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1696)

Load of tripe should ban savellio for whinging

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 14:12

Posted by: wigvet (3463)

only one person banned at present HM

''Tony Clubb has been suspended from all club activities by Wigan Warriors while the investigation into Andre Savelio’s claims of racist abuse is ongoing''

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 15:17

Posted by: broady (16903) 

I get confused with all this racism malarkey. Having worked in many, many places I have been called a Wigan Tw** etc. thousands of times but not for one minute did I consider it racist. I worked in Belfast for two years and my nationality and parentage were often mentioned but again I never considered it racist.

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 15:27

Posted by: peter g (2646) 

Same here broady while working in Leigh and Bolton just gave as much back what happened to " Sticks and Stones" The country's gone soft.

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 15:50

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3636) 

I just believe the world's gone to pot !! i completely agree with the both of you ( broady &peterg , just what the hell's going on here it's more than likely been taken out of context after all it's only like cricket with the "sledging" that goes between england and the aussie's referring to your birthright its all part of the sport and personally speaking i dont see any actual harm in it ,or what next we won't be allowed to speak to one another without being reported just get a life and move on ...GB.

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 16:07

Posted by: pepsi (69)

Unbelievable lol when I first moved to Oz in the eighties every game I played I was called a stupid Pommie B****** or words to that affect lol. I never complained I just accepted I was a pom and they were bringing my dad into the equation.

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 23:55
Last edited by pepsi: 30th Apr 2021 at 23:56:49

Posted by: wnwanderer (26)

Wonder why it's being dealt with differently than this one:

Replied: 1st May 2021 at 01:15

Posted by: watchalot (977)

sounds like he has been tried and convicted and suspended before the investigation stinks

Replied: 1st May 2021 at 17:48

Posted by: grimshaw (2727) 

Ditto Ryan Giggs by the P L and the welsh f a in particular .

Replied: 1st May 2021 at 17:53

Posted by: riocaroni (176)

Many a time I have stood close to the touch line and I assure you Andy Greg came out with much choicer language!

Replied: 1st May 2021 at 22:30

Posted by: chatty (8310) 

Still not sure how it works though.
There's a bloke on here who I think is a stupid Marsh Green c***l
Is that racist?
Or If I don't mention where he comes from is that ok?

Replied: 1st May 2021 at 22:37
Last edited by chatty: 1st May 2021 at 22:41:59

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1696)

The world's gone crazy hope Savelio,a proud of himself his attitude is probably why he will never be top grade

Replied: 1st May 2021 at 23:03

Posted by: jarvo (30087) 

Top grade?

Like Clubb? Or like Flowers?

Send the buggers to the Dardanelles.

Replied: 2nd May 2021 at 14:03

Posted by: broady (16903) 

A mention of Rugby and he’s like a fly to shi*.

Replied: 2nd May 2021 at 17:44

Posted by: jarvo (30087) 

...Talk about own goals?

Replied: 2nd May 2021 at 19:09

Posted by: broady (16903) 

OWN GOALS!!!!!! Look at your beloved game today. I wonder if Carragher's place of birth was mentioned. Racist overtones??????

Replied: 2nd May 2021 at 19:17

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1696)

Glad you've stopped sulking jarvoTony peter??? Big game tomorrow if you win you could finish nowhere if you lose you could finish nowhere????????????

Replied: 2nd May 2021 at 22:44

Posted by: aussie94 (2384)

agree GB , get a life been called a Pommy Bastard for yers proud of it.

Replied: 3rd May 2021 at 05:01

Posted by: retep1949 (679)

Yes, you are a whinging Pommie and drunk AGAIN!

Replied: 3rd May 2021 at 09:24

Posted by: baker boy (15555)

if clubb had dropped polynesian he would still be at wigan

Replied: 3rd May 2021 at 19:55

Posted by: jarvo (30087) 

Col: We're in the best league in the world.

What you in? Top grade my arse...

Replied: 3rd May 2021 at 22:40

Posted by: frecky (208)

When working with Scousers I was always called a Wiggin Woollyback....never took offence , in fact had a laugh....What's the world coming to...
Oh Jarvo, I see your team managed to make a draw with the 2nd bottom team......Top grade my arse....

Replied: 4th May 2021 at 11:19

Posted by: broady (16903) 

I suppose it was inevitable, in the world at present, that Clubb would be charged so that the RL can be shown to be playing their part / suckholing up to all this BLM movement. No doubt he will be thrown to the lions.

Replied: 4th May 2021 at 13:26

Posted by: jarvo (30087) 

...I hope they eat the 'Orrible bugger alive!

Replied: 4th May 2021 at 13:38

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1696)

Stupid pemberton poet

Replied: 4th May 2021 at 15:42

Posted by: Brasstoff (230)

It's all too easy these days to play the"race card", instead of bleating to the ref like a mard arse it should have been sorted out in private.
Like men do!

Replied: 4th May 2021 at 16:07

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3636) 

Jarvo :: You are no better than tony clubb for your own comment's ,
(( eat him alive )) (( send him to the dardanelles)) Just what are you going on about? There are thousands on this site call you much worse why then don't you practice what you preach ?? All this is down to this inane BLM campaign , i notice there are student halls at a Liverpool UNI named after late pm William Gladstone he allegedly had links with slavery so guess what ? they are going to change the name after all these years ( pathetic ) comes to mind , so then why don't we engage somebody to check all our history to see who did what ,where and when and if it upsets BLM change everything the world's gone loopy ..G.B.

Replied: 4th May 2021 at 16:09

Posted by: gideonfel (324)

It's very sad that a young man's career should be blighted by something said in the heat of the moment. Surely an apology after the game would have sorted it? But no, the usual woke folk jump on the race bandwagon yet again and look down from their virtue-signalling soapboxes and demand metaphorical blood. Wokeism is a detestable feature of today's society: when we have a headteacher in Birmingham banning her staff from addressing the children as "boys and girls" I wonder what the blazes this world is coming to. Golden Bear points out the nonsense of Liverpool Uni getting rid of Gladstone's name. These people (the ones that can read, that is) are scouring their history books for the slightest suggestion of slavery and then pointing their venomous fingers and demanding 'justice'. Until society as a whole rejects all this woke nonsense and grows up, letting boys be boys and girls be girls and not bowing the knee to the ones who tell us there are a hundred genders, then we'll go on reading about it, and young men like Tony Clubb will find themselves tarred with a racist brush for something said on the spur of the moment.

Replied: 4th May 2021 at 18:31

Posted by: wigvet (3463)

sentence passed:
banned for eights games and £500 fine

"This was serious misconduct," said Guy Kearl QC, who chaired the tribunal.

"We have considered the evidence of both players and the circumstances surrounding the allegation and find that we are reasonably satisfied, taking into account the seriousness of the charge, that the words were said, albeit in the heat of the moment, but nevertheless were said."

Clubb, who was suspended by Wigan on Friday after they started their own investigation, has also been fined £500.

In handing down the decision on Tuesday, Kearl said Clubb "brought the game into disrepute" but added that the tribunal "do not find that he is a racist" after taking into account character references presented by the club.

"On this occasion he used unacceptable language in the heat of the moment," Kearl added.

"We have therefore reduced the penalty to take account of his character and good disciplinary record to a suspension for eight matches and a £500 fine."

Replied: 4th May 2021 at 20:30
Last edited by wigvet: 4th May 2021 at 20:32:26

Posted by: jarvo (30087) 


He should have gone for good.

He'll be back, just in time for the pathetic playoff sequence later in the summer. Rugby league is full of ex-schoolboy thugs throwing their weight about and mouthing off.

The whole organisation is an utter shambles.

Replied: 4th May 2021 at 23:45

Posted by: broady (16903) 

Whitewash!!!!! Yet another RACIST comment. You really need to get on a BLM refresher course.

Replied: 5th May 2021 at 00:14

Posted by: roylew (3283)

Premiership footballers jangling their jewellery does my head in

Replied: 5th May 2021 at 14:09

Posted by: broady (16903) 

I see Jim Beglin is the latest in the firing line. Had to issue a public apology because when De Maria was sent off he mentioned his " Latino temperament" which apparently is racial profiling. They won't be content until every commentator is non white and a member of the LGBT community.

Replied: 5th May 2021 at 14:49

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (7188)

They have let him off, and not taken any action against him

"The Wigan Club confirm, therefore, that Tony will be fined a further two weeks wages which will be put towards a dedicated education and diversity training programme through the Club’s Education and Community departments specifically targeted against abuse based on ethnicity"


He is back in training now

Replied: 5th May 2021 at 15:08
Last edited by Tommy Two Stroke: 5th May 2021 at 15:10:19

Posted by: broady (16903) 

A scapegoat for all the crap that is permeating all aspects of our life.

Replied: 5th May 2021 at 15:31

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1696)

Keep watching jarvo Peter tony ??? Sure beats pushing a brush into your seventies

Replied: 5th May 2021 at 16:28

Posted by: frecky (208)

What about killer DOUGAN jarvo...if wit was sh*t , you'd be constipated forever....

Replied: 5th May 2021 at 16:42

Posted by: kathpressey (5291) 

I think it was a fair result for Club. Lam and Leuluai spoke up for him but he had to be punished as an example. Saturday's game with be interesting!

Replied: 6th May 2021 at 09:25

Posted by: watchalot (977)

they will not after shout at the hull players or they will go skrikin to the ref

Replied: 6th May 2021 at 09:58
Last edited by watchalot: 6th May 2021 at 11:01:13

Posted by: grimshaw (2727) 

I live almost directly across the Humber from hully gully and have pals who live in the city mainly on the east side .
They are H K R fans who would love Wigan to win in the forthcoming match
Word on the street is that Hull are intent on winding Wigan up hoping to have a payer sent off .Or two.

Replied: 6th May 2021 at 11:40
Last edited by grimshaw: 6th May 2021 at 13:36:27

Posted by: jarvo (30087) 

Rugby league is a shambles, nothing more nothing less.

A game that has been dying slowly over the decades. Nothing has brought it back, and nothing ever will. The idiots that run it are very similar to the shallow characters that follow it.

Empty stadiums with nothing to play for. Only the countless battles on the pitch keep the locals glowing...

Without the battlin' it would sink without trace. Plug hole job.

Replied: 6th May 2021 at 12:10

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1696)

Sounds a very accurate description of wolves keep brushing

Replied: 6th May 2021 at 15:35

Posted by: kathpressey (5291) 

jarvo is like a stuck record isn't he with only a limited number of variations on a theme.

Replied: 7th May 2021 at 08:59

Posted by: builderboy (2319)

Not all who follow Rugby League are " shallow characters" in my opinion.

Replied: 7th May 2021 at 09:38

Posted by: jarvo (30087) 

You ARE an dear friend.

Replied: 7th May 2021 at 12:42

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1696)

Are them tradesmen putting swarf down your underpants again?

Replied: 7th May 2021 at 15:37

Posted by: jarvo (30087) 

Hull FC...

Replied: 8th May 2021 at 16:43

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1696)

Watched it though didn't you jarvo Tony peter ???

Replied: 8th May 2021 at 17:45

Posted by: wnwanderer (26)

Could you get that tongue any further in Jarvo?

Replied: 9th May 2021 at 10:16

Posted by: jarvo (30087) 



Replied: 9th May 2021 at 16:26


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