What's that saying?

Started by: chatty (8310) 

"It's the hope that kills um"

Started: 29th Apr 2021 at 21:54

Posted by: grimshaw (2727) 

Chatty ..
And we play better away from home .

Replied: 29th Apr 2021 at 22:46

Posted by: whups (5996) 

no sign of laughing boy or his mate don gb either . no doubt sulking in a darkened room .

Replied: 29th Apr 2021 at 23:57

Posted by: chatty (8310) 

Hands up how many ABUs were having orgasams at halftime.
I know of one who would have been sat in front of his screen rubbing his lamp (Ooh err missus ) wishing for the worst.

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 07:03

Posted by: whups (5996) 

at half time i could,nt see it chatty as i looked at the bench but it was a tale of 2 halves

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 12:00

Posted by: Don GB (213)

Congratulations to trafford for a comprehensive win in the "also rans" Thursday night tournament.

They are now well on their way to win the "17th Placed Champions League Trophy"!

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 12:15
Last edited by Don GB : 30th Apr 2021 at 12:15:49

Posted by: whups (5996) 

but a euro trophy none the less unlike the handcutters club who have NO EURO TROPHY in the cabinet .

Replied: 30th Apr 2021 at 12:44

Posted by: whups (5996) 

it,s been VERY quiet on here from you know who grim ?

Replied: 1st May 2021 at 15:04

Posted by: grimshaw (2727) 

Exceptionally quiet Whups.
Could be trawling the web for anti utd stuff and in particular anything anti Giggsy .

Replied: 1st May 2021 at 17:37

Posted by: whups (5996) 

maybe he,s waiting for a result tomorrow ? .

Replied: 1st May 2021 at 23:57

Posted by: chatty (8310) 

"It's the hope that kills um"

Replied: 9th May 2021 at 16:02

Posted by: whups (5996) 

it,s EXTEEMLEY quiet on here tonite chatty .

Replied: 10th May 2021 at 00:04

Posted by: laughing gravy (7336)

Eh have missed something what trophy did they win? Don have they resorted to bragging about winning a game against mid table teams now? Oh how the mighty fall.,

Replied: 10th May 2021 at 08:04

Posted by: chatty (8310) 

Yip you missed the chance to gloat.
The bloke who never misses a chance when United get beat is miffed that it get's a mention when they win.

Anyway forget that nonsense, what about Five Thousand reds singing "you've only come to see United" at you.
It's your claim to fame.

Replied: 10th May 2021 at 08:51

Posted by: laughing gravy (7336)

Heyup he's found something new to say I would ask for proof of your claim but if you did anymore backtracking you be having your dinner in Australia toneet lol

Replied: 10th May 2021 at 10:00

Posted by: chatty (8310) 

I was there evertime United played at the DW and everytime that song got sung.
It was aimed at folk exactly like you who started going when they reached the top division so they could watch the glamour teams.

Not one word of the above is untrue thus making it true and
beyond doubt.

"You've only come to see United"

Replied: 10th May 2021 at 10:15

Posted by: laughing gravy (7336)

I travelled as you say half a mile to watch United you travelled 20 odd to jump on the bandwagon without Munich untied would be just another team and you know it their still milking the grief to this day! You never hear of Ibrox or valley parade yet every year folk bang on about Munich Munich's pathetic..

Replied: 10th May 2021 at 10:56

Posted by: grimshaw (2727) 

The bertie fans certainly remembered munich on the occasion of the treble winning parade in M C .
I was present to witness the appalling behavior .
The bitterness was etched on faces and in the songs they sang .Not to mention the stuff thrown at the parade and the waving of obscene flags and banners .
So please no lectures from you laughing stock that utd fans and others remembering munich is pathetic..

Replied: 10th May 2021 at 11:20

Posted by: chatty (8310) 

Not to disrespect or minimise what happened at the other two disasters you mentioned but neither involved actual players losing their lives.

Anyway moving on, I bet you was buzzing on match days when you knew the mighty Reds were in town.
Getting to see players like Giggsy and Scholesy in the flesh.

Replied: 10th May 2021 at 11:24

Posted by: whups (5996) 

dont forget grim that city have an interest where munich is concerned as their former goalie frank swift was killed as well . i suppose liverpool isnt "milking grief" as you put it with their disaster & because of it they stopped chanting munich from their terraces . as for asking for proof you ask at every occasion without showing ANY of your proof whatsoever.isnt it funny that heysel is never mentioned . was,nt people killed there as well ? .

Replied: 10th May 2021 at 12:02

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3633) 

HI there CHATTY ,, G.B. HERE i am very intrigued not being in the fullfamily as such am i right in assuming that this """laghing gravy character is a wigan athletic supporter "" ??????????????

Replied: 13th May 2021 at 14:36

Posted by: chatty (8310) 

You could try asking him GB but I'm sure he'll huff and puff and cough and splutter but will be too embarrassed to tell you the full tale

Replied: 13th May 2021 at 19:27
Last edited by chatty: 13th May 2021 at 19:30:17

Posted by: Platty (403)

Laughing Bisto is busy as lookout for the Liverpool Coach.
Talk is it was a decoy. Let's see if he emerges through his bubbles.

Replied: 13th May 2021 at 19:58

Posted by: laughing gravy (7336)


Replied: 13th May 2021 at 21:19

Posted by: whups (5996) 

lets hope that coach veers his way

Replied: 14th May 2021 at 00:15

Posted by: chatty (8310) 

Replied: 14th May 2021 at 07:04

Posted by: laughing gravy (7336)

Find it funny do you him wanting me dead a second time? ..

Replied: 14th May 2021 at 07:44

Posted by: chatty (8310) 

Drama queen no one mentioned death, I'm sure he was thinking a wheel over the foot and the loss of a small toe nail.

Anyway if that was the case we could then change the thread title to ..."It's the bus that kills em"

Replied: 14th May 2021 at 08:22
Last edited by chatty: 14th May 2021 at 08:31:33

Posted by: whups (5996) 

yes chatty he never mentions wanting to give a stage 4 cancer victim a "good kicking" does he .

Replied: 14th May 2021 at 12:34


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