Started by: PeterP (8567)

Am I right or wrong but about 15 years ago the RSPCA ran a campaign around Wigan to raise funds to build an all singing and dancing facility somewhere round Gathurst. This facility was going to have kennels/cages for dogs/cats and the most up to date vets practice. If I did not dream this what happened to the thousands of pounds raised for this facility and why was it never built

Started: 1st Sep 2018 at 18:20

Posted by: i-spy (15003) 

I recall that peterp probably about 10 years ago when Bill Stubbs was local RSPCA chairman. Like you I haven't a clue if it came to fruition

Replied: 3rd Sep 2018 at 17:37

Posted by: PeterP (8567)

Thanks Cyril over on forum for updating us about the RSPCA at Wigan

Replied: 3rd Sep 2018 at 20:27


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