Sarah Thompson

Started by: macs30 (1)

My name is Max and im from the netherlands. I am in search for an old special friend. Her name is or was Sarah Thompson and she lived on Ashgrove Crescent, Wigan 13 years ago. She could have been married and that might changed her last name.
It's of great value to me that i get in contact with her.
I hope there is anyone that knows Sarah and/or can help me in my quest for her :)
my email adress is


Started: 29th Oct 2006 at 18:12
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Posted by: wiganyankeeron (inactive)

Didn't I give you information on this girl a couple of years ago? I thought I sent you her mum's telephone number?

Replied: 29th Oct 2006 at 20:37

Posted by: max 11 (2)

Dear WiganYankeeron,

Thanks for ur reply man, but that wasn't me. Tho i wish i was cause then i 'd been in contact with her already. So if u ur jokin... (haha) if not. Pass me that number plz....


Replied: 29th Oct 2006 at 21:53
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Posted by: wiganyankeeron (inactive)

Sorry must have got you mixed up with someone else from Holland searching for a girl. Just looked in the Street Directory can't find an ASHBOURNE CRESCENT???????

Replied: 29th Oct 2006 at 23:39

Posted by: max 11 (2)

No problem :)
The adress is Ashgrove Crescent, instead of Ashbourne.
It was on this site where i found a picture of her street, 13 years ago tho..
I was amazed these pictures exsisted!
Hope 2 hear more from you soon, thnx for the trouble

Replied: 30th Oct 2006 at 00:25


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