whelans discount stores, wigan and st. helens

Started by: dannyboy1948 (244)

does anybody have any memories of the above or of the people who worked there?for instance colin hall.

Started: 12th Oct 2006 at 11:22

Posted by: bentlegs (4855)

Remember Brian Redford,

Replied: 12th Oct 2006 at 12:49

Posted by: dannyboy1948 (244)

i remember brian very well .a true gentleman.

Replied: 12th Oct 2006 at 13:03

Posted by: tommy (254) 

i remember a few people who worked in the wigan store,david(who worked on the baler)liz smith,a guy called phil(who had red hair)jean ?,carole fisher,also remember the two from rathbones who delivered bread(tommy j and dave )liz use to work in the cellar in the cheese room and not far away was a place where all the fags were(nobody BOUGHT a packet for yrs)i can picture a load of other faces but cant put a name to them,i worked there for about a year(1971)...good memories.

Replied: 12th Oct 2006 at 15:41

Posted by: randler12 (23) 

I worked for rathbones but i was in the instore bakery at st hellens , this was before supermarkets had their own. i remember working when the bread strike was on in 76 , we ended up just selling raw dough to housewives who didnt want to wait for it to be baked .i also worked at rathbones at newtown .. loads of memories of those years but thats for another time .

Replied: 12th Oct 2006 at 19:24

Posted by: dannyboy1948 (244)

go on show your age !!!!!! who remembers the above. also does anybody remember colin hall from sloopies or pemps in the early 70s.

Replied: 13th Oct 2006 at 11:30


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