Started by: gunnerbill (187) 

Looking for anyone related to RICHARD ( Dick ) lived in Catherine terrace IN THE 40'S ,also William ( billy ) Prescott married to EDITH , LIVED AT NO. 1 CATHERERINE TCE,,had one child possible EDITH also ,,some connection to PRYLES of BIRKET BANK TERRACE

Started: 8th Oct 2006 at 09:54

Posted by: sandra (821) 

Hi I am Sandra Prescott Richard was my Granddad William was my Dad I am The the Youngest of Williams Children

Replied: 25th Oct 2006 at 19:38

Posted by: ken rutter (387) 

Hi Sandra your dad and my dad worked at De Romas together I remember you living in Peel st was it No 16 or 18 one of the two. At Wigan Rugby your dad and my mum & dad and myself sold icecream I remember your dad very well. Ken

Replied: 28th Oct 2006 at 17:28

Posted by: sandra (821) 

Ken thanks for your reply, i remember the name Tommy Rutter my Dad use to talk about when we lived at 16 Peel St, been in Contact with Bill Jolley he Remembers Tommy & my GrandDad & Dad & Mam
Nice to hear from you
Best Regards

Replied: 5th Nov 2006 at 13:24

Posted by: helenp (243)

I'm still trying to connect my own Prescott family to possible Prescott families in Wigan. I am from Ashton but my Prescott ancestors of the late 1700's-1900 I can trace to Westleigh and Hindley. They were farmers in the early 1800's at Close Lanes, Hindley but I've yet to find some Wigan Prescotts who are connected. Let me know if you find any? Thanks Helen

Replied: 15th Nov 2006 at 20:54

Posted by: sandra (821) 

Some of mine came to Hr Ince From St Helens in 1860s then the rest were all born in Ince, i have George Prescott in my tree who went to live in Hindley & Leigh 1890s-1900s , why not add who you are looking for on Wigan Genealogy

Replied: 16th Nov 2006 at 17:55
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