Started by: klunk yed (465) 

Does anyone remember going to marus bribge81-83 then on to whitley high 83-86 if so place your messages here hope to see what you,ve got to say see ya.....

Started: 28th Sep

Started: 28th Sep 2006 at 19:12

Posted by: jeanjeannie15 (5)

i think that wer the years i wer there. ive lost a few brain cells now tho, yea i did now im sure, hi everyone who remembers lol ol moi

Replied: 28th Sep 2006 at 19:39
Last edited by jeanjeannie15: 28th Sep 2006 at 19:40:01

Posted by: klurbur (4) 

mmmm Ian Roberts eh.....still got alot to say even on a keyboard.....I remember u from school now...bit sick of seeing your name on here...think u need to get out a bit more

Replied: 5th Nov 2006 at 12:43

Posted by: klunk yed (465) 

SOZ dont remember you was you in same yr as me or what....

Replied: 5th Nov 2006 at 18:21

Posted by: klunk yed (465) 

sorry clair but dont remember you was you in same class or what

Replied: 24th Jan 2007 at 19:29


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