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Finally, after nearly 11 years of searching, I've identified who and where my Great-Uncle William Burton is. He was born in 1901 to Thomas and Elizabeth Burton in Newcastle. Following his mother's death when he was just 3 years old and the family's subsequent relocation to Middleton near Oldham, he was adopted by his Great-Aunt Catherine Stott and lived in Wigan. I recently found his grave in Ince cemetery where he is buried with his wife Elizabeth (nee Johnson, died 1984?). He died in 1933 which perhaps explains why my mum and her brother and sisters knew very little of "Uncle Willie". From my searching around Freebmd, I believe he had 2 sons - William and Anthony.

Does anyone know of the family or have any information/contacts for his sons (if they are still with us) or perhaps their children???

Any help greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Lynne.

Started: 29th Jul 2010 at 13:00

Posted by: elizabeth (5439) 

I do not know if it is the same family but I knew a Billy Burton who has since died I think about 15-20 yrs ago but he had a daughter and they lived at Arley more or less on the way to Haigh if you know wigan at all sorry cannot help you more

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Posted by: lbarlow73 (12)

Thanks elizabeth.
How old roughly would this Billy Burton have been when he died? My William Burton (jr) was born in 1930 so if alive now would be around 80 years old. His brother Anthony, born 1933, would be 77.

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Posted by: elizabeth (5439) 

Ibarlow I should think about 75-76 when he died trying to think of his daughters name , he was a lover of old cars and Motor bikes but more for the really old cars vintage sorry I cannot help more if I remember his daughters name I will put it on here sudden thought I believe he was related to
Crank and Burton Commercial Yard wigan

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Posted by: frances (2831) 

Crank & Burtons were mentioned on this thread

Crank & Burtons

reddi8 (759)
Billy Burton was interested restoring vintage bikes when I used to stay at their house in Orrell. I went to school with Leslie and knew Sydney as well.

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Posted by: frances (2831) 

1911 census - household transcription
Person: BURTON, William
Address: 131 Poolstock Wigan

STOTT, Catherine Head Single F 52 1859 Assistant Teacher Elementary School Lancashire Wigan VIEW
BURTON, William Adopted Nephew Single M 9 1902 School Northumberland Newcastle on Tyne VIEW
BURTON, Helen Visitor Niece Single F 20 1891 Finisher Tailoress Northumberland Newcastle on Tyne VIEW
BURTON, Oswald Visitor Nephew Single M 11 1900 School Northumberland Newcastle on Tyne VIEW

Replied: 30th Jul 2010 at 16:26

Posted by: frances (2831) 

1901 census - household transcription
Person: BURTON, Oswald
Address: 60, Brunel Terrace, Elswick

BURTON, Thos Head Married M 37 1864 Foreman Fitter(Ordnance) Wigan Lancashire
BURTON, Elizth Wife Married F 39 1862 Wigan Lancashire
BURTON, Joseph Son Single M 14 1887 Wigan Lancashire
BURTON, Frances Son Single M 12 1889 Newcastle on Tyne
BURTON, Nellie Daughter Single F 10 1891 Newcastle on Tyne
BURTON, Vincent Son Single M 8 1893 Newcastle on Tyne
BURTON, Lillie Daughter Single F 6 1895 Newcastle on Tyne
BURTON, Oswald Son Single M 2 1899 Newcastle on Tyne

Replied: 30th Jul 2010 at 16:32

Posted by: frances (2831) 

1891 census - household transcription
Person: BURTON, Francis
Address: 11, Joseph Street, Elswick, Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne

BURTON, Thomas Head Married M 27 1864 Steam Engine Fitters Apprentice Wigan Lancashire
BURTON, Elizabeth Wife Married F 29 1862 Wigan Lancashire
BURTON, Joseph Son M 4 1887 Wigan Lancashire
BURTON, Francis Son M 2 1889 Newcastle on Tyne
BURTON, Helen Daughter F 0 (2M) 1891 Newcastle on Tyne

Replied: 30th Jul 2010 at 16:37

Posted by: frances (2831) 

1901 census - household transcription
Person: STOTT, Catherine
Address: 121, Poolstock, Wigan

STOTT, Mary Head Widow F 85 1816 House Keeper Ireland Droghea
STOTT, Catherine Daughter Single F 42 1859 School Mistress
Wigan Lancashire
HART, Jane Daughter Widow F 49 1852 Weaver Cotton Mill Wigan
HART, Thomas Grand Son Single M 25 1876 Shopkeeper Tobbacconist Wigan Lancashire
HART, Catherine Grand Daughter Single F 22 1879 Tailoress
Wigan Lancashire

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Posted by: lbarlow73 (12)

Thanks for the replies and look-ups. I have the census returns already but am keen to find surviving children/grandchildren of William.

According to BT, there aren't many Burtons listed in the Wigan area now (just 20) but perhaps there are many more who like to be ex-dir.

I'll certainly look at the Crank & Burton thread though - thanks.

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Posted by: frances (2831) 

Hello Lynne - I put the census returns on here for sometimes it can help others to a make a connection

Good Luck

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Posted by: lbarlow73 (12)

Another bit of info that might help people recall this family... William's wife Elizabeth died in 1985 and her address was 28 Mesnes Road (although I don't know how long she lived there for). Does this rings bells for anyone? Maybe old neighbours or friends of Elizabeth...?

Here's hoping

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Posted by: lbarlow73 (12)

Just refreshing my message from a couple of months ago - seeking information about, or living relatives of, William Burton (married to Elizabeth), and died 1933 - buried in Ince Cemetery.

Thanks to all who posted last time. If anyone else has more info or is actually family, please please get in touch. Thanks.

Replied: 12th Oct 2010 at 08:49

Posted by: lbarlow73 (12)

Once again, re-posting my search for children and/or grandchildren of William Burton and his wife Elizabeth (nee Johnson). Please read the rest of this thread for more specifics.

Family would love to re-connect after 70 years!


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Posted by: lilyun (61)

Brton as i knew him was a member of Wigan Auto Club which was held the meeting were held in comertial yard in Wigan market place He was the Burton of Crank and Burton ,He lived near Abbey Lakes in a very large stone house it was semi detached and still standing, His wife had a very bad car accident near Cherry Gardens before the round about was made ,I think she was killed if i remember right.I was amember of the auto club and we spent many good times with them, He was a great bloke and did enjoy his old cars and bikes. every one was made welcome his wife was a fantastic person

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Posted by: elizabeth (5439) 

Billy and his and my friend Jack Lathom from the Commercial came down to me for a weeks holiday we had a super time and even Billy complemented me on my driving which i thought was a great honour Lovely chap

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Posted by: lbarlow73 (12)


Thanks for your message. Was the Burton you knew from the Auto Club the William Burton who died in 1933, or are you referring to his son? If we're connecting the right people, do you know if the son (or his brother Anthony) is still around?

Replied: 5th Aug 2011 at 12:15

Posted by: elizabeth (5439) 

The Billy I am talking about died around 25/20 yrs ago

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Posted by: lbarlow73 (12)

I don't think that will be one of my Williams. William jr would be around 80-81 years old (so would be too young to be the one mentioned above who died 20-25 yrs ago). His brother Anthony would be 78.

If either of them are still around, or their wives/children, or if anyone knows of the family, please get in touch.

The grave of William sr and wife Elizabeth is very well tended in Ince Cemetary so I can only assume family/friends visit to maintain it. Short of leaving a note on it for them to find, I'm struggling to find other sources that might put us back in touch. Any help appreciated.

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Posted by: john b (52)

Billy Burton we are talking about and his interest in vintage cars in particular. His kitchen where he lived at Arley had many cuttings on the wall. I met Leslie his daughter when we were both in St Michael's drama group. We both appeared on the stage in 1966 in a production of Hans The Witch and the Gobbin. Lovely girl and took her out a few times. I wonder how her life turned out; I left Wigan in 1969 to make my life in Ipswich. So if you have any info on Leslie be so good as to let me know on here...

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Posted by: john b (52)

Still waiting any news of Leslie I think Billy Burtons daughter. I visited their house a few times when they lived at Arley. Very keen was he on vintage bikes and 9/2021

Replied: 9th Sep 2021 at 21:56

Posted by: gaffer (6932) 

John B

I used to work with Billy’s daughter Sydney. Her married name is Durrant. She still lives in the same area.

Replied: 10th Sep 2021 at 09:22


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