looking for carole

Started by: susie (28)

i am looking for my best friend from school. We used to go to St. Peters at Orrell and her name then was Carole Kehoe. I don't know what her married name is now, but i believe she got divorced and is living with someone else in Kitt Green or thereabouts. We used to be in a folk group together with another girl called susan.

Started: 16th May 2006 at 11:29

Posted by: ann442 (210)

my brothers used to go thier to ;)

Replied: 16th Jun 2006 at 03:46

Posted by: reddi8 (1107)

my friends surname is Kehoe I will ask her if she has a relative named Carole. My sons born in 1963 & 1964 attended St. Peters so did a large number of relatives.

Replied: 16th Jun 2006 at 05:54

Posted by: susie (28)

thanks. as far as i know carole didnt have any brothers, just a sister who was called susanzze she had an operation on her heart

Replied: 16th Jun 2006 at 23:54


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