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Thought you were one of the Houghtons.were have all those years gone.Good luck to you and your family jacko.kind regards freeway

Started: 18th Mar 2007 at 19:01

Posted by: jacko (1599)


Thanks - but you still have the better of me - any chance of a pic? or some comments?

Best regards to all.

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Hi, Jacko iam one of the crostons,my name is grandadsam use to live at 41 chatham st.but i used to live at 35 with my uncle les burrows and his wife mary.les was my mams brother when she and my sister brenda went to live with brother jimmy croston.went to live with father croston at no 41. freeway

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Yes, I do remember the name Croston's my mother would have visited Granny Croston many times - as I recall - the children of that family were older than me.
But I do recall the following - same side of the street as your good self.
*Fairhurst - Ward - Porter - *Hitchens - *Hughes - Croston - *Taylor - Burrows - ???? - Ashall.

On the other side of the road.

*Forshaw - ???? - *Simm - ????? untill you came to *Heaton - Houghton - Connor.

Those with a * before thier name would have had children around my age.
Thats about as far as I can get - left Chatham St in 1959 - came back - married an Irish girl - Lived in Chorley - then Ince - left around 1967/68 went to Ireland, still here.

Perhaps you could fill in some more names for me please.

Best wishes to all your family.
Kindest regards.


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Posted by: freeway (367)

Hi Jacko,the ones i remeber where the appletons ,atkinsons,barons, ralphs,frances,cloughs.Ionly went to live with les my mother died in 1961.some of these people may have only moved in after you left.on my side of the st.i remember the sucliffes ,foxs,heatons,hammonds,cant remember any more at the moment, Best wihes to you freeway

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Posted by: reenie (180) 

Jacko my late husband may be your cousin i know he had a cousin jackie houghton lived in i think it was medway ince or something like that his name was eddie crawford i maybe putting 2 and 2 tog; and getting 5 but it seemed a coincidence sorry to but in but i thought if you were what a small world

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Posted by: keno (2840) 

What a memory Jacko you surprise me.

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Posted by: jacko (1599)


Thanks a bunch - you filled in names that I couldnt rememeber - BUT I DO NOW - thanks to you - I dont suppose any of the children (who would now be adults - retired) and have now occupied the family house?

If so, please let me know.

Have a nice evening.

Kindest regards.


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Posted by: jacko (1599)


I only ever had 3 first cousins.

Two were Heskeths (male) - lived in Spring View.

One Houghton (male) lived in Abram.

Sorry about that Rennie, but thank you for enquiring - to you and all yours.

Kindest regards.


Replied: 22nd Mar 2007 at 19:52


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