Anyone know the whereabouts of Ann Bennete & Marle

Started by: patricia (112)

Ann Bennete and Marlene Higham came from the Worsley Mesnes area, i havent seen them for over 40 years, these are there maiden names they went to All Saints school Ann is from Snowdon Ave and Marlene Kipling Ave. does anyone on here know where they are now, would,nt mind hearing from them again.

Started: 7th Feb 2007 at 14:17
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Posted by: ackky (780)

Seen your posted message regards Ann Bennete and Marlene Higham,and I'm sure that I have mentioned it before to you that both those girls names are on the Friends Reunited web site for All Saints school, and they are on the waiting list on the site.They are both listed as having attended the school between 1966 and 1970 along with about 90 others, but as I said before I don't know exactly what this waiting list is for.Also the point is that they have perhaps had contact with the Friends Reunited site to be listed as having attended during 1966-70,or have you posted this notice?. If you have not posted these notices then you can perhaps trace them through that web site.Best of luck

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Posted by: patricia (112)

Hi Acky someone else has put them on the waiting list on friends reunited but they are not on there i have tried to find them through there with no luck.

Replied: 8th Feb 2007 at 12:21

Posted by: ackky (780)

Somewhere in existance is a list of voters in the three parliamentary constituencies, Wigan, Makerfield,and Leigh,(which includes Hindley) and if you know Ann and Marlene's married names, you should be able to get their addresses from these voting list.I would imagine that the history shop in Library St might be able to point you in the right direction for these electors list.

Replied: 8th Feb 2007 at 19:54

Posted by: leaal (3)

Hi I am a friend of Ann Bennets sister Cynthia. Ann has given me her email address, if you still want it. Contact me through the site. Lynne

Replied: 14th Mar 2007 at 20:09

Posted by: patricia (112)

Hi leaal thanks very much would love the email adress, would really like to know what ann is doing these days.

Replied: 15th Mar 2007 at 14:30

Posted by: ackky (780)

Don't forget ladies,you can all meet up on the 14th May, the date of the 75th anniversary of All Saints at the school, and have a good natter together.

Replied: 15th Mar 2007 at 19:13
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Posted by: patricia (112)

Looking forward to it Ackky

Replied: 15th Mar 2007 at 19:32


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