Looking for someone...

Started by: Allens93 (37)

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum (today).

I have become a member as I am looking for some information on someone.

The person I am looking for is a Mr. John Appleton

I don't have much details on him, the only things I have are:

- Former solicitor from Wigan
- Must have retired 15/20+ years ago
- Worked as a solicitor for a firm in Wigan (I have no name)
- Must be in his 80's currently
- Last known to be living in Wigan

Any information would be brilliant!

Thanks guys!

Started: 15th Nov 2021 at 18:41

Posted by: mollie m (6419) 

There was a firm of Solicitors called Wright and Appleton who had offices in King Street, Wigan, in the 1960s.

I worked for another firm of Solicitors at the time down King Street and I remember them, but I know nothing else I'm afraid.

Hope this helps a bit.

Replied: 15th Nov 2021 at 23:31

Posted by: Allens93 (37)

Hi Mollie,

Thanks for the information - anything helps!

If you remember anything else, please let me know!


Replied: 16th Nov 2021 at 07:59

Posted by: gaffer (6932) 

This was posted several years ago by a then WW member 1934 Granada.

I knew Dave very well. He was a solicitor and he lived on Kenyon Road. In fact he conveyed my house back in 83. He worked at Arthur Smith and Broadie Griffiths solicitors in King Street along with John Appleton whom I also know well. Latterly Dave lived at the bottom end of Gidlow Lane.I enjoyed a pint or two with him and Bill Atherton on our away trips watching Wigan in the early 80's as he was a great fan of Wigan rugby.

It may be that Admin have a contact email for 1934 Granada. You can email admin at

Replied: 16th Nov 2021 at 09:52

Posted by: Allens93 (37)

Hi Gaffer - thanks for this.

You're right, I might contact Ron and see if he has any information about the user - it would be a massive help!

Thanks again, Gaffer!

Replied: 16th Nov 2021 at 10:00

Posted by: Allens93 (37)


Unfortunately, I messaged Ron and he does not have any contact details!


Replied: 16th Nov 2021 at 14:14

Posted by: gaffer (6932) 


There must be WW members who know 1934 Granada. If you post on the General board it reaches a bigger audience than the people board.
Ask does anyone know 1934 Granada Scruggs, to give him his full title.

Replied: 16th Nov 2021 at 16:22


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