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Started by: airstreamct (2)

Hello - hopefully someone here can help me. I'm looking for a man named Roger Baker - He would be in his early-mid 40s now. He worked in the US for IBM approx 14 yrs ago. Last contact I had was when he lived in Atlanta GA area -
His parents are Peter&Ena & older sister and brother.
I have photos of their family and don't feel it right to distroy them if they might bring joy to them - would like to mail on to him for distribution.
Please email any info to me at

Started: 28th Jun 2006 at 14:42
Last edited by airstreamct: 28th Jun 2006 at 14:46:35

Posted by: brian (838)

Roger is still working and living in the US. I don't have his contact details, but I will try to get them.

Replied: 28th Jun 2006 at 22:45

Posted by: airstreamct (2)

Brian, thank you for trying to get the/any details. Even if you just pass on the email to Mr Baker that would be good. If he or his family truely wants the photos(nothing bad in them) he'll contact us for them.

Replied: 29th Jun 2006 at 12:18

Posted by: mmmbrog (1)

that's me ..... email at

Replied: 30th Jun 2006 at 15:24


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