is everyone asleep

Started by: deano (802)

is there any body there

Started: 29th Nov 2006 at 20:47

Posted by: empress (9667) 


Replied: 29th Nov 2006 at 21:25

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)

Well we was till you started shouting!

Replied: 29th Nov 2006 at 22:52

Posted by: brian (838)

Replied: 29th Nov 2006 at 23:35

Posted by: ozzielass (1742) 

Deano I think u need to get some more sangria into you! I used to work in Spain myself - como estas? Majorca, Benidorm, Torremolinos, mostly with the famous Thomson Holidays, oooh I could write a book about it. Now I am Down Under I am awake when everybody is snoozing.

Replied: 30th Nov 2006 at 00:51

Posted by: deano (802)

please do not disterbeim on a siesta
bien a to.
comprenday/ going down majorca for xmas is it are you snoozin or art awake.

Replied: 30th Nov 2006 at 13:22


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