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Started by: david dunlop (133)

I believe this business was some form of building supply and services company, where on could hire a plumber, elctrician etc.

I would be interested in knowing where in Wigan they were located and if and when they closed. My maternal grandfather was a plumber with this company.


Started: 18th Sep 2023 at 01:34

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (6569) 

Sorry about yr g/FATHER but i have to say born and bred in WIGAN all my life and never heard of that name . G.B.

Replied: 18th Sep 2023 at 15:38

Posted by: JR (527)

David, I kind of remember a Walkdens in Wigan somewhere. However, I remember my dad (back in the 50s/60s) working for a local firm called Naylor and Walkden. They might have been from Chorley or somewhere nearby. I believe they were builders and shop fitters (can't ask my dad as he died years back!).
Interesting fact - Wiganers always referred to Walkden as Wogdin! One of our strange dialect takes on regular words...

Replied: 28th Sep 2023 at 16:51

Posted by: mollie m (7235) 

JR is correct. Naylor & Walkden still exists in Standish.

Our company has dealt with them for many years.

Replied: 28th Sep 2023 at 16:58

Posted by: tuddy (1308)

Naylor and Walkden were based in Adlington years ago, I didn't know that they were still operating, I haven't seen any of their vehicles for a long time.

Replied: 28th Sep 2023 at 20:33

Posted by: JR (527)

I remember my dad enjoying his time at Naylor and Walkden. He had such respect for the firm that on badly injuring his hand one day he didnt complain and never even put a claim in... just heavily bandaged it up and continued working. It appeard that it was a very good firm to work for.

Replied: 1st Oct 2023 at 15:57


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