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Started by: PeterP (11471)

Most surgeries want you to use Askmygp online. Our surgery uses set times to log onto this site say from 6-30am till 3-00pm. I went onto this site at 8-30am today and it showed it was closed For me this site should be open 24/7 to put a request on and there should be some one during surgery times to monitor the site . When I 1st registered it was for my wife and had to register in her name when I came to register myself it would not allow me to register because I had used my E-mail address for my wife The only way i could register was to make my wife my carer (this in the real world is the reverse) Contacted our surgery on Mon morn and got a reply back in the afternoon to say we would get a phone call or E-mail today Just sat waiting and checking our E-mail every 30mins

Started: 9th Jun 2022 at 11:20

Posted by: Dagutd27 (687) 

Covid been a cop out for doctors it's a joke your better going to a good pharmacist

Replied: 9th Jun 2022 at 20:13

Posted by: bambam (3063)

My medical centre is the same peterp, if you call before 8 it's closed if you call after 8.30 you missed the slot, people have to try and get back to normal after covid and return to work to pay the ever increasing bills, so why aren't our GP'S doing same.

Replied: 10th Jun 2022 at 07:47

Posted by: trixie (5050) 

Ours was the same but load rubbish.now changes to klinik which is much better.
I find it good for leaving messages for drs but only at set times.111 if you need anything is good for out of hours .on the whole saves a lot of time travelling down to surgery
and waiting for ages .
That’s besides waiting and dialing for a long time to try to get appt and then none left

Replied: 10th Jun 2022 at 08:12
Last edited by trixie: 10th Jun 2022 at 08:16:46

Posted by: whups (13477) 

i wonder who is to blame for this ? .

Replied: 10th Jun 2022 at 14:51

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15685)

Whupsy said:

"i wonder who is to blame for this ? ."

Tony Blair is, he let 10 million people into this country, and the first thing they did when they got here was to go to the doctors, that is your answer to the NHS problems, so stop blaming everything and everyone under the sun for the problems with the NHS, and ignoring the real problem, which is a massive increase in the population over the last two decades.

Replied: 10th Jun 2022 at 18:27
Last edited by Tommy Two Stroke: 10th Jun 2022 at 18:28:16

Posted by: whups (13477) 

the real problem is racists like you & your mate farrage . you dont want to admit that this lot is responsable for the plight the nhs is in today with shortages of nurses ,underfunding , private medical companies in the nhs , waiting times trebled , need i go on . you think that the torys dont let anyone in 1stroke well imigration has,nt stopped under their rule in fact it,s going thru the roof .it,s your kind of people that,s damaging this country with your blind loyalty to your racist links .oh & before i forget , your agitational & inflamatory remarks .

Replied: 11th Jun 2022 at 00:00
Last edited by whups: 11th Jun 2022 at 00:02:35

Posted by: Owd Codger (3255)

Expressing concern about the level of immigration is not being racist.

Tommy Two Stroke is correct when he says that it is the main cause of waiting lists going longer.

As for there being a shortage of Nurses, how can that be when job vacancies including Nursing now exceed those unemployed and on benefits.

And how are private medical companies a bad thing when those who can afford private treatment are easing the burden and waiting lists on the NHS for those who cannot afford it?

Anything to do with poor pay and the fact that you can get as much living on benefits rather than nursing people or working in other mundane low paid jobs.

Replied: 11th Jun 2022 at 08:31

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15685)


I am going to give yoo, what I consider to be a credible scenario, in that let's say that the pits had been kept open, the productive ones like the Bickershaw Complex, the big one at Selby, pits like that should have been retained as strategic assets, so that we didn't rely on mainly gas for power generation, and so has Jathbee and others have said, the unions have been smashed, all their power had been taken away, and with the admission of the East European ex Warsaw Pact countries into the EU, the NCB or BC if it was after privatisation, came up with the idea of taking on East European coal miners, paying them half of what British miners received, and on half of what British miners received, that was twice as much has they got in somewhere like Poland.
And just remember you cannot do anything about it, you can't go on strike, because Margaret Thatcher has stripped the unions of their power.

Yoo would have been wanting Brexit then wouldn't yoo Whupsy

Replied: 11th Jun 2022 at 14:18

Posted by: Handsomeminer (2808)

More tripe one stroke

Replied: 11th Jun 2022 at 20:39


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