Trying to contact paddy2t10

Started by: bigbondy (10)

I am trying to contact a contributor with the username paddy2t10. It seems that he is a relation of mine that I have never met. It would be great to exchange family information.
My Great Grandparents were William and Celia Winstanley (nee Taylor). My Grandmother was Margaret Alice (Peggy), b. 1900 and Grandfather was Albert Kearsley, b. 1898. The Winstanleys lived at 52 Petticoat Lane, Higher Ince and later moved to 9, Brown Street. I think my Gran's sister, Mary Jane (b. 1893) (married Luke Mason), may have been his Great Grandmother (?). If so I'd love to make contact as I'd like more information about my mother's side of the family.

Started: 8th Jan 2021 at 15:41


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