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An exciting new project on the River Douglas has started & Groundwork CLM needs volunteers.

Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire & Merseyside:
Website / Facebook / @GroundworkCLM / @DouglasPilot

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Green Leaders is a free 12 wk volunteer programme for people aged 14-19.
Starts Feb for 2 days a week. Find out more: Link

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A survey by @PrincesTrust said 28% of 16-25 year olds feel out of control of their lives. Is that you? We can help.

The Prince's Trust Team Programme is a free personal development 12 wk course.

The next programmes in both Wigan and Leigh start on 16th January 2017 - Link

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Why is 'Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside' doing projects in Greater Manchester?

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Just go with the flow, Tonker!


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^ Community Clean Up Day - Elnup Wood, Friday 24th Feb, 10am - 3pm (link) ^

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jo anne tell tonks the marvellous duggie flows through other districts.

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Jo anne, point out to baker boy that, although the River Douglas does flow through other districts, the headline - "An exiting new project has started on the River Douglas and tributaries in Wigan and we're looking for volunteers to join us" - points to the Wigan district, which isn't in Cheshire, Lancashire or Merseyside.

Also ask him what's so 'marvelous' about the Douglas? It's no more than a brook that, half a mile or so of it, flows through Wigan!

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The Douglas Navigation by Mike Clarke - Link
Tuesday 20th June, 12 - 1pm, Museum of Wigan Life, £2.50 per person (incl. tea/coffee)

Back by popular demand Mike Clarke looks at the story of Wigan’s River Douglas as it was turned from a natural waterway into an industrial highway. The Douglas Navigation was authorised in 1720 and finally opened in 1742 before it was closed in 1781. Find out more about this important part of our industrial heritage.

Booking is essential on (01942) 828128 or

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Remember when the Dougie turned a diferent coluur every day, blue and orange . The Bleach Works had a lot to answer for. The owners should have been put in jail

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There's an interesting WW Forum thread about one such polluting incident: River Quink (Jul'09)

A recent Photo-a-Day by Mick Byrne featured a Canal Weir in Crooke: 6/6//17

Tomorrow's talk by Mike Clarke is full, but he has info online: The Douglas Navigation

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Jo-anne ,Pass it on to tonker i still do not accept the name ( GREATER MANCHESTER) not until they do something really great for Wigan. IT was Lancashire before they arsed around with it and it's still Lancashire to me .

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Most vehicles labour at 70 my ARSE.

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OK noddy or big ears i suppose i was carried away but please try and curb your language we dont like it.

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A case of don't do as I do do as I say.

Bloody hypocrite.

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Posted by: aussie94 (2384)

Great to see the "Dougie"in such a pristine condition compared to what it was. I remember back in the early sixties it changed collour every day, subject to the Bleach Works pumping out its waste, they should have been jailed those managers total grubs. How good to see that pollution has gone.
Well Done

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February 2021

Facebook - Your River. The River Douglas

Douglas Rivers Association CIC is an active company incorporated on 19 Dec 2020 with the registered office located in Wigan. There are currently 3 active directors according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 19th Dec 2020.’ (Endole)

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The Association is also on Twitter - @River_Douglas_


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