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Started by: spring viewer (220)

Can anyone help me.

Instead of having my usual homepage my computer is now throwing up

I can't get rid of the dam thing. Can anyone offer any assistance and this is driving me mad (not sure if my computer now has a virus - wouldn't be surprised though as my children access all sorts of stupid sites).

Can anyone offer any free downloads to stop this type of thing happening in the future?

Started: 12th Nov 2006 at 12:17

Posted by: wiganer516 (5590) 

in internet explorer go to tool as the top and click it then click internet options. Once that is clicked you will see where it says your homepage, delete the contents there and retype your homepage.

as for avoiding it infuture watch what you download and websites u visit a lot have adware and spy ware crap in it.

Replied: 12th Nov 2006 at 13:57

Posted by: arrow (894)

Sounds like a typical "Browser Hijacker".
First thing to do is go into Add/Remove Programs and look for any suspicious sounding software, usualy Toolbars and Search Tools are the cause. If you suspect your kids have a look for any MSN add ons or Extra Free Smilies . If you find any of the above uninstall them.
Next download and run some free spyware removal tools like AdAware, Spybot, A2, Windows Defender(Genuine Windows XP required for this one). Links to some of these are on this page.

Replied: 12th Nov 2006 at 15:03

Posted by: getwom (inactive)


Replied: 12th Nov 2006 at 20:27
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Posted by: spring viewer (220)

Thanks to everyone who offered their advice. I've downloaded some software and I think I've got the little bugger covered.

Dammed irritating though - spend the best part of Sunday on the bloody thing!

Replied: 13th Nov 2006 at 23:22


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