Started by: truckerdave (2337) 

Can anyone tell me how to burn my downloaded films from my p.c to d.v.d's, I have the neccesary burning gear on my p.c but don't know how to go about it,
I have no problem burning music, just d.v.d's.

Started: 5th Nov 2006 at 15:22

Posted by: neverstill (inactive)

i use a a program called 'dvd santa', thats straight forward...just click the links it tells you to....but there is a few on '' most of them free.

Music you can do through your windows programe but if video files need changing from avi or such like you need a programme like the one above...just goto the site above and look for encoders

Replied: 5th Nov 2006 at 18:50

Posted by: jacklaw (674) 

Nero is probably the best program for burning anything, but unless you can get a friend to give you a copy you will have to buy it. If you have downloaded your films in Avi format and just want to convert them to DVD format,one of the best programs is Winavi. Its a free download, and it is only a small program, 3.63 MB

Replied: 5th Nov 2006 at 20:29

Posted by: truckerdave (2337) 

Thanks guys I'll check your suggestions out, am ok building and servicing p,c's but have never burned any d.v.d's, thanks again

Replied: 8th Nov 2006 at 20:34

Posted by: keily (306) 

assuming you have the film in dvd format (AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders) then it`s simple, go to google & search for DvdShrink 3.2 (its free) just install it, open the programme, select your files (VIDEO_TS folder) click `back up `on the icon @ the top, let it run through & then it will burn it straight to disk so that it is stand alone ready.

Replied: 14th Nov 2006 at 22:28
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