Started by: mollie m (6453) 

Check all Fishy123 topics and postings. I am convinced it's that idiot Rockabilly Guy again. Not 100% but 99.9%.

Started: 29th Aug 2006 at 16:13

Posted by: busy bee (631)

i was beginning to wonder if it was LOVE WIGAN all over again until i looked at his picture

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 21:46

Posted by: mollie m (6453) 

No Busy Bee. If it were LOVE WIGAN there'd have been millions of LOLs in the posts! The Idiot has now caused poor Aitch to quit the forum. I think we should get up a petition to get shut of him.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 22:10

Posted by: empress (9667) 

He amuses me, it gives us someone to abuse back when we get stressed. Maybe .......just maybe has no freinds, cos he signs in here one hell of a lot.
I think we need to apply for him a job in the diplomatic corps!

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 23:23

Posted by: brian (838)

fishy123 has gone (for now)

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 23:24

Posted by: empress (9667) 

I reckon he may come back, some bad habits are hard to break and he has too much time on his hands.Its a shame because some of his threads were pretty good, but the insults..........well , could make a lass violent he could!

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 23:32

Posted by: mollie m (6453) 

Thank you Brian. This is a good forum and it doesn't need idiots like him spoiling things.

Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 00:24

Posted by: karvern (76) 

Everyone.... you're giving him exactly what he wants. He didn't send any bad language, he didn't curse anyone out on a personal level, he's just pulling your chains and you're rising to it. Remember, it's our choice in how we let things affect us. Let's not do a witch hunt on him for something so silly. Enjoy

Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 04:07

Posted by: billy (26053) 

top-o-the- morn brian.
errr, did you observe fishy"s human rights sir ???
errr,was it politicaly correct to kick his arse???
errr, just a thought brian in politicaly correct britai today.

Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 10:04

Posted by: billy (26053) 

he could seek legal advice???
theres a few shysters out there hungry for just causes(just??)

Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 10:06


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