aitch is a sad old man

Started by: fishy123 (inactive)

who cant get a women

Started: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:07

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

"Why are you getting personal."

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:08

Posted by: fishy123 (inactive)


Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:10

Posted by: mandie (inactive)

i think u should quit calling other folk and get on with what this site is intended for ,it isnt a forum for a free for all slanging match between members

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:11

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

Hey Fish face Iv'e seen your pix.
Ps. You need to work on your smile.

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Posted by: tonker (25112) 

Theres 'having a laugh', and theres 'being a n*bhead'. Fishy, you've had your laugh, now just be proper.

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:16

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

Hey Tonker.
You know you're right,this time.

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:18

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

That is the answer I expected off you, It shows the level of frustration you must be feeling up there in the outback and by the way I do have lady friends and a lot younger than my self but I will always be true to my late wife who for anyone who knows me, will tell you that she was the best thing that ever happened to me and we had 43 happy years together and of them she was severely disabled for 38 but we had 2 lovely daughters who wanted for nothing, and since my wife died, have given me a reason to go on living, so fishy123 this is goodbye to you as far as I am concerned you have got a little to personal.

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:23

Posted by: mandie (inactive)

good on u harold i totally agree he is just not worth even replying to i hope that when brian reads some of the threads that he blocks him from chatting again

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:25

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

I second that Mandie.
People like Aitch make this world a beautiful place to live.
Aitch is worth a billion Fish's.
Ps. Love and peace to you Aitch, you have my upmost respect.

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:32

Posted by: mandie (inactive)

we dont need people like him on this site we can do as well without him i think he has got p.m.t or something ,u know,, mens troubles

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:34

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

Brian will delete him I'm sure of that.
Ps. Why put people down in such a way, it just doesn't make sense.

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:38

Posted by: aussiepomsal (7)

Maybe fishy is feeling a little intimidated by the prescence of a real gentleman. Or maybe he's a little bit jealous.

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:39
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Posted by: antontrip (240) 

He must be, he called me fat boy?
What a child.
I'm 6ft 3in and 14 stone.
Maybe he needs a reality check.

Replied: 28th Aug 2006 at 23:43

Posted by: ghostman (inactive)

These are very bad comments made about aitch and fishy should be removed from this forum.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 00:38

Posted by: dave© (3507)

I wouldn't worry too much about fishy123. I think, in retrospect, that we should feel sorry for him (that is if it is a him) He feels the need to abuse almost everyone who's been on this site. We should ask ourselves, what would we do if we were in his position, a sad lonely guy, nothing much to do, take your anger and frustration on someone else. He should be encouraged to seek help, help that can come from various sources. Local Social Services help should be sought by him.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 01:19

Posted by: zoe24 (2272) 

There realy is no need to attack people that way, your a very sad person, i feel sorry for u fishy

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 01:43

Posted by: billy (26053) 

adios got the right name bro....something very fishy about your modus operandi. ?????

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 08:40

Posted by: gozzer (inactive)

fishy you need to make a very big APOLOGY to aitch

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 10:31

Posted by: disco_diva (inactive)

This fishy guy has no manners.There is no need for all this offensive rubbish. Poor Aitch, nobody on here deserves that. I have had some hassle off him on other messages.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 10:42

Posted by: disco_diva (inactive)

Aitch - you are lovely.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 10:54

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

I am shocked and appalled to have read about this. So far as I'm aware Aitch is very much a gentleman and I thought Fishy123 seemed like a bit of a laugh, until I read this. Get rid of him Brian before he goes the way of Rockabilly Guy.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 15:46

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he is Rockabilly Guy. He's becoming rude and offensive and I've just read another thread where he says he once lived in Ince. Did not Rockasilly tell us he was based in Scotland and used to live in Ince/Spring View? Gosh Brian, I wish I could re-read the old threads. It's also occurred to me that the way he writes and spells in very similar. E.g. Ppl for people, and other noticable similarities. He used to open up topics, insult someone, then leave everybody on their soap boxes without responding again.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 15:49
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Posted by: ghostman (inactive)

EEeeee i think yor right Mollie.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 15:54

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

He'll let slip soon enough. There are some other things I recall so we'll see if he brings them up as well. Will jump on them if he does. I've made a few comments on some of the other threads started by Jaws123 and am sure I'm right. Memory like an elephant I have.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 16:01

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

Thanks to everyone who put messages of support on here for me, but I think this is farewell for a while I wont be on again for a while so thanks again and he best of luck to you all.! I was going to add (except one) but I cant be so mean so enjoy the forum and ahl sithee.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 20:58

Posted by: madamehmurray (6265) 

No worries aitch I hope you find someone. I wasn't looking for my hubby when I found him. Never, give up!

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 21:20

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

Erin! You've not read all previous posts. Please Aitch. If you're still reading instead of participating don't let this idiot grind you down. He means absolutely NOTHING. I can read between the lines. You've been saddened by an totally outrageous and unnecessary attack on your character but for me yours far outweighs that of The Idiot. I love to read your posts. Please rise above this because if you don't he's won a victory over you. Don't give him that satisfaction, I beg you please Aitch.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 22:00

Posted by: tonker (25112) 

Read 'Harolds At It Again' by johnny rotten on the wiganlive site, that'll give you a better picture.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 22:08

Posted by: disco_diva (inactive)

Aitch dont leave just because of one man.I like reading your posts!

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 22:11

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

Tonker, I don't think Johnny Rotten is Rockabilly/Fishy. There's a distinct difference in diatribe and too much **** in his language. He sounds like a right sh*t head to me. Harold does wind people up a bit, I admit, but he's harmless, unlike JR. He's got a dangerous temper. I'm surprised the Ghostman had a say in that. John, don't bring yourself down to his level. You're too nice a guy for that. I will not register with Wigan Live because from what I've read most of the members are very strange indeed. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that they are a most unsavoury bunch, unlike us on here and members from other certain forums.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 23:01
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Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

You do realise, of course, that these Mr Nasties will be reading these posts, no doubt, and are rocking and rolling laughing at what they've started.

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 23:04

Posted by: empress (9667) 

All that from an oil painting....did leonardo da vinci do your pic fishy?

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 23:21

Posted by: billy (26053) 

aitch, were ya going mate???you are going to get fishy"s on all the web sites you visit, beleive me.dont let the worlds ar******s make decisions for you,more to the point, lets get rid of the poison dwarf.

Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 10:16

Posted by: disco_diva (inactive)

Billy, who is the'poison dwarf'?

Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 15:02
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Posted by: donny (48) 

well done aitch i saw from your photo you are a decent man

Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 23:29

Posted by: ghostman (inactive)

Hi Mollie i dont have an hand in putting Harold down read the posts again please all i was saying in responce to 180 involving me in the thread is that if J.R. and Harold have got issues then please let them two people sort it out and not to involve everyone else in it and use the forum for posting proper issues.
if my post has offended anyone then i sincereley apologise,i say again i have no personal ill will towards Harold or J.R. speak with you soon Mollie.

Replied: 31st Aug 2006 at 00:37

Posted by: ghostman (inactive)

Did i not post on this thread saying that the attack upon atich was not acceptable and did i not ask Brian to get rid of Fishy123.Seems to me i was standing up for aitch.

Replied: 31st Aug 2006 at 00:43

Posted by: robbie (inactive)

40/1 fishy123 it seems you lost.well done aitch.

Replied: 31st Aug 2006 at 09:49

Posted by: billy (26053) 

dear disco.
the poison dwarf is

Replied: 31st Aug 2006 at 09:56


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