Started by: aitch (5487) 

Has anyone any out of the ordinary eating habits or food, I used to work with a chap at gullicks who regularly had a concoction on his bread of cheese and strawberry jam. We used to laugh at him until I tried it and was very surprised it was very tasty and I wonder if there is any other weird variations out there just waiting to be tried

Started: 20th May 2006 at 20:03

Posted by: jymz4941 (58)

Try strong cheese and a crispy apple or strong cheese and really heavy fruity Christmas cake.

Replied: 21st May 2006 at 01:39

Posted by: harold (inactive)

It would only be like a sweet fruity chutney I suppose.

Replied: 21st May 2006 at 06:28

Posted by: lovelylotte47 (9)

I used to have salt and vinegar butties as a kid I loved them, my mum used to have a fit !

Replied: 21st May 2006 at 18:53
Last edited by lovelylotte47: 21st May 2006 at 18:54:32

Posted by: sonlyme (3149)

What did fits taste like Lottie.

Replied: 22nd May 2006 at 08:57

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

My brother once melted some cheese in with a tin of beans. Made me gag it did. How about peanut butter icing for the top of a cake? I've never eaten anything like that but what about making up some disgusting concoctions. I can think of plenty.

Replied: 22nd May 2006 at 14:39

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

My son in law has a passion for omelettes made with oxo cubes, He also will not touch anything which has been contaminated with butter or marge as he calls it but we have to make excuses for him as he has a scouse father and a bolton mother

Replied: 22nd May 2006 at 15:46

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

Ah, a half-breed. That would account for it Aitch. Wor'about boilt ham and tomato butties wi' strawberry jam? (I'm just making these up).

I have a theory about pasta. Back in the old days when we used to use flour and water to put up wallpaper it was called paste - right?

Well, we don't use flour and water anymore for that purpose but we do make it up into shapes, purra sauce on't top to make it taste and call it pasta!

It's only the same thing! GIANT YUK!! Nasty slimy stuff.

Replied: 22nd May 2006 at 16:06

Posted by: chewbaxter (121)

How's this for low fat... not done it for yonks though.

Mars bar... spread with a BIG dollop of smooth Peanut Butter!


Replied: 22nd May 2006 at 16:25

Posted by: molemum (12)

chicken paste and chip sandwiches are nice but my hubby prefers chicken paste and cheese or marmite . also cheese spread on crumpets. i think anyone who eats marmite is strange how can you eat something that bites you back!

Replied: 22nd May 2006 at 19:31

Posted by: ann442 (210)

i used to work with a woman in the 60s
who had bread driping
for her breakfast

Replied: 22nd May 2006 at 20:01

Posted by: kayleigh (1161)

Sugar butties, when we had no jam,
cornbeef and crisps are lovely.

Replied: 22nd May 2006 at 20:01

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

Kayleigh i still like sugar butties especialy with a banana sprinkled with the chocolate powder you get with cappuchino

Replied: 22nd May 2006 at 22:30
Last edited by aitch: 22nd May 2006 at 22:31:44

Posted by: lovelylotte47 (9)

Yep eaten sugar butties a plenty, LOVE marmite !!! love it on toast with tomatoes yummy yum yum, my Mum & Dad used to eat bread and dripping and bread dipped in condensed milk, gosh I forgot all about these things until now! I don't think any of them are strange, just forgotten. UGH we used to love smash with tomato soup as kids !!!!

Replied: 22nd May 2006 at 22:51

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

How's about a jammy doughnut and kipper butty?

Replied: 23rd May 2006 at 09:18

Posted by: gillian (3) 

i still have banana butties yum yum

Replied: 23rd May 2006 at 20:27

Posted by: ann442 (210)

the little boy i look after loves choc milk on his cearal :-)

Replied: 4th Jun 2006 at 01:33

Posted by: busy bee (631)

i use to like sugar butties when i was young thats probably why i,m the size i am now. i also like corned beef and crisp butties but i like corned beef and tomato sauce, i use to like tomato sauce butties to, a friend of mine likes corned beef on toast. my husband laughs at me when i put mushy peas on bread yummy.

Replied: 4th Jun 2006 at 14:09

Posted by: dark horse (295) 

my brother in law will eat ANYTHING and I mean anything (as long as it is legit food). He especially puts stuff on toast. Shark and banana was the wierdest

Replied: 4th Jun 2006 at 18:51

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

I like corned beef and raw onion and any sort of sauce, even horse radish. Does anyone remember having bread pobs as we used to call them, just bread, warm milk and a bit of sugar.

Replied: 4th Jun 2006 at 22:07

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

Yes Aitch, I remember them. I really, really hated them. The bread pobs, that is.

Replied: 5th Jun 2006 at 14:24

Posted by: busy bee (631)

i loved bread pobs when i was young my mum use to make tea pobs yummy.yet i think dipping bread in tea is disgusting yuck.mum use to make corned beef fritters liked those too

Replied: 6th Jun 2006 at 20:05

Posted by: tittyfallal (13)

I like tomato soup on chips..........mmmand lots of bread to dip........

Replied: 13th Jun 2006 at 11:38

Posted by: judyteen (949) 

i used to love dry weetabix with jam on

Replied: 13th Jun 2006 at 13:11

Posted by: nutty tart (477) 

Every now and again I crave cheese and onion crisps and chocolate.
I take a kit-kat, break it up into bits and put it in with the crisps, shake the bag and enjoy yum yum yum

Replied: 13th Jun 2006 at 14:53

Posted by: busy bee (631)

a friend of mine use to like crisp with prawns.i also like chips with soup over the top.

Replied: 13th Jun 2006 at 19:32

Posted by: chewbaxter (121)

I've not etten a bar of chocolate for nearly four weeks!!! [:o] so I'll show you what 'craving' is!!!


Replied: 13th Jun 2006 at 19:40

Posted by: bentlegs (4784)

Sardine & banana Butties, great,

Replied: 19th Jun 2006 at 19:40

Posted by: bentlegs (4784)

Mollie M, Doughnut & Kipper YAK what a diet,

Replied: 19th Jun 2006 at 19:43

Posted by: tusker (64) 

I love Pataks Brinjal pickle with cheese on wholemeal bread,,, don't knock it try it

Replied: 19th Jun 2006 at 20:52

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

Bentlegs - I was only kidding. I enjoy making daft things like that up. I'm a little bit potty, as you'll find out in due course!!

Replied: 20th Jun 2006 at 12:33

Posted by: bentlegs (4784)

Mollie M, How about treakle & Beetroot on a balm joe?

Replied: 20th Jun 2006 at 18:57

Posted by: tonker (25112) 

A mate of mine once ate a bird s**t butty for a bet. He made it out of a 'totem pole' from under a perch in his dad's budgie cage. That was the night his brother (used to play rugby for Wigan and was serious) disowned him !

Replied: 20th Jun 2006 at 19:47

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

Mmmm, Bentlegs, yummy yum. Ya know Tonker, there's some mad b*ggers out there. A bird sh*t butty. Mind you, like Tusker says, don't know it till ya've tried it!

Replied: 30th Jun 2006 at 16:17

Posted by: madamehmurray (6265) 

My hubby and I love our rice mixed with Corn and other veggies. He knows what a good cook I am.

Replied: 10th Jul 2006 at 21:11
Last edited by madamehmurray: 14th Jul 2006 at 19:47:20

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

I nearly always melt cheese with my beans. I tried the same with peas but it tasted rank.

Replied: 17th Aug 2006 at 17:28

Posted by: empress (9667) 

My girl eats marmite with philadelphia cheese sarnies, YAK

Replied: 20th Aug 2006 at 23:48

Posted by: zoe24 (2272) 

i like chips, beans n cheese melted into the beans or scrambled egg with cheese melted into it

Replied: 21st Aug 2006 at 10:03

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

"My dad once made me some bread pobs."
It was the most horrible thing i had ever tasted,until i had a dripping butty at a friends house.YAK!

Replied: 21st Aug 2006 at 13:53

Posted by: empress (9667) 

BREAD POBS mmmmmmmm
Nectar i still eat bread pobs now,comfort food yum.

Replied: 21st Aug 2006 at 14:24

Posted by: fishy123 (inactive)


Replied: 21st Aug 2006 at 14:39

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

"Don't eat anymore raw meat!"
That's how you get worms,not to mention food poisoning.

Replied: 21st Aug 2006 at 14:54

Posted by: disco_diva (inactive)

Do you know what goes into sausages?eergghh!!

Replied: 21st Aug 2006 at 16:36

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

"No amount of sugar can make Bread Pobs taste like nectar."

Replied: 21st Aug 2006 at 17:41

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

Another favourite of mine which I had today is an Hollands meat pie with a tin of Heinzs vegetable soup poured over it It has to be those two nothing else tastes right.

Replied: 21st Aug 2006 at 21:15

Posted by: empress (9667) 

anton............bread pobs are lush, rather have them than a steak

Replied: 21st Aug 2006 at 21:42

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

I luvs meyt and spud pie wi' oxtail soup poured o'er't top. Scrrrrrumptious!

Replied: 24th Aug 2006 at 16:29

Posted by: kayleigh (1161)

we we're brought up on bread pobs, before all these cereals came on the market,
I like them with the crust of the bread.

Replied: 24th Aug 2006 at 16:45

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

Before all these cereals were about, we ate toast for breakfast, as for the milk, that was simply added to a cup of tea. As for bread pobs."I'd rather eat my own ear wax."

Replied: 25th Aug 2006 at 13:59

Posted by: empress (9667) 

My son eats ketchup on EVERYTHING, even a roast dinner!

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 23:40


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