To the occupant....

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Started: 10th Aug 2006 at 11:55
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Posted by: fishy123 (inactive)

getworm you can fill in a form at the post office .which will stop all junk mail coming to your house will ask you what type of mail do you receive. and what type do you consider junk mail.ive.already done this and i dont get junk mail anymore

Replied: 10th Aug 2006 at 13:23

Posted by: getwom (inactive)


Replied: 10th Aug 2006 at 15:06
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Posted by: aitch (5487) 

I just put return to sender on them and post them back without stamp hopefully they get the message in more ways than one.

Replied: 10th Aug 2006 at 15:08

Posted by: billy (26053) 

i paper the bedrooms with them.
they also make good compost.

Replied: 11th Aug 2006 at 11:45

Posted by: antontrip (240) 

"Why not open them?"
You may have been selected for a special promotion,or better still you may have won a prize from a competition you didn't even enter.

Replied: 17th Aug 2006 at 17:57
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Posted by: truckerdave (2337) 

I got one of them 'TO THE OCCUPANT' envelopes at the begining of the week asking do I want a loan, it went where all the rest of the junk mail goes, straight in the shredder

Replied: 17th Aug 2006 at 20:46

Posted by: aitch (5487) 

This last week I have been selected as the winner of a 42 inch plasma screen telly and also I can take my pick of a set of lap tops that I have been awarded as the millionth person to click on a certain web site I wonder what the catch is?????

Replied: 17th Aug 2006 at 20:59

Posted by: christi (206)

I had that message as well aitch, is was about 2weeks ago, but I deleted. As the saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true it usually is!!

Replied: 20th Aug 2006 at 17:12

Posted by: dark horse (295) 

aitch we ad that un too. you end up aving to ring a prem number and get nowt anyroad. We didnt do it but a neighbour did. the call cost seven quid odd too.

Replied: 24th Aug 2006 at 11:27

Posted by: empress (9667) 

I open my mail over the shredder, junk mail is great for the kids hamster bedding

Replied: 29th Aug 2006 at 23:43

Posted by: mollie m (6452) 

I write "No one of this name at this address" and stick it back in the mail box. The other day I had mail and one was for a lady at No 6 ....... which is literally a cul-de-sac off my road. I live at a No 6 as well and all I could think was that the postman either couldn't read, or couldn't be bothered to deliver it to the correct address. I wrote on the envelope "Delivered to the wrong address by postman" and shoved it in the postbox.

Replied: 30th Aug 2006 at 00:41


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