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Home visits

Started by: PeterP (11397)

Yvonne has been in and out of hospital FIVE TIMES (back in now) this year alone and up to this last visit I had one phone call from the doctors at the hospital This time because Yvonne is in RESUS I had a long conversation with a doctor and he made notes which filled an A4 sheet of paper. They think they have got on top of the problems but they have not and she is sent home with no follow up from any medical professionals just given anti biotics and pain relief on discharge I know there is an acute bed shortage but through personnel experiences patients are sent home too soon At one time patients were sent for re-hab for a fortnight but know sent home has soon as possible. The amount of visitors who I have spoken to who like myself are on multiple visits after readmission is beyond a joke

Started: 14th Apr 2024 at 06:55

Posted by: nanajacqui (4355) 

Peter send me an email wiganturf@yahoo.com and I'll tell you where to park

Replied: 14th Apr 2024 at 08:48

Posted by: tomplum (12624) 

I know Peter its a case of , shuffling folks around because the system is now crippled itself, I fear soon to come will be two doors on the Admission entry, door one for people who can pay and it will say, " walk right in" and the other will say, " wait here to be seen"

Replied: 14th Apr 2024 at 14:45

Posted by: mollie m (7235) 

Oh Peter, I am so sorry to hear Yvonne's back in hospital yet again. I thought it was a bit too soon myself when you mentioned she was sent home in your other thread. You must be at your wit's end by now. I know there's an acute bed shortage, but don't let them fob you off. She deserves to be where she is right now and gets the treatment she obviously needs. You say she’s in resus, so I hope the team can help her.

I hope you take up Nanaj's or WN1's offer of a parking spot. It'll save you the headache of trying to park within the hospital grounds.

Replied: 14th Apr 2024 at 21:08

Posted by: PeterP (11397)

Yvonne now been moved to a bed in A+E. Still got low blood pressure and a specialist team are going to see her tomorrow to find out why she has stopped swallowing again. Thankfully because of her dementia she will not remember any of what is happening to her.

Replied: 14th Apr 2024 at 21:34

Posted by: Handsomeminer (2761)

I feel for you Peter your having it rough mate unfortunately this is Tory Britain

Replied: 14th Apr 2024 at 22:16

Posted by: mollie m (7235) 

Peter: As you know, I'm not a doctor, but has Yvonne ever had a stroke, or mini stroke? The reason I ask is because since I had my mini stroke 13 years ago, I have trouble swallowing sometimes. I've also been left with numbness in the tips of my fingers on my right hand, making it difficult to pick up small things. Just a thought.

Handsomeminer: Please don't bring politics into this serious thread. It isn't necessary.

Replied: 14th Apr 2024 at 23:57

Posted by: Handsomeminer (2761)

Yes it is

Replied: 15th Apr 2024 at 07:26

Posted by: PeterP (11397)

Mollie M Yvonne did have a stroke in 2012 which left her with no use of her right hand and limited use of her right arm and leg but could walk round the bungalow. She now has no use of her right leg and even less use of her right arm. I also class her as non-verbal most of the time We soldier on there are patients in the hospital who are worse than Yvonne and my thoughts and best wishes go out to them and their families

Replied: 15th Apr 2024 at 08:05

Posted by: nanajacqui (4355) 

Peter let me know if parking was okay

Replied: 15th Apr 2024 at 08:13

Posted by: PeterP (11397)

Nana Jacqui I parked on the main car park today. Got into see her for about 1 and 1/2 hours then advised to leave due to a nova-virus outbreak and they closed the ward At least Yvonne is already full of drugs so should be ok i hope

Replied: 15th Apr 2024 at 17:19

Posted by: nanajacqui (4355) 

Glad you managed to park Peter at least you know the alternative now

Replied: 15th Apr 2024 at 17:24

Posted by: cheshirecat (1065) 

Try ring and ride. Its door to door low cost transport service.
It may be free, I'm not sure?
I don't know if its available in Wigan? It is certainly available in other parts of Greater Manchester.

Replied: 15th Apr 2024 at 19:37
Last edited by cheshirecat: 15th Apr 2024 at 19:39:22

Posted by: PeterP (11397)

Cheshirecat I do not meet the criteria for R&R . You need a concessionary bus pass or a concessionary plus bus pass or be over 70 with a walking disability. There are different prices for the use of the bus also I have never seen one in use in this area or seen any buses in the depot on Lockett Road

Replied: 17th Apr 2024 at 06:58

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15558)


Ring & Ride operate out of the big Council Depot on Makerfield Way at Higher Ince, and the Bolton Ring & Ride service also operates from Makerfield Way

Replied: 17th Apr 2024 at 14:01

Posted by: PeterP (11397)

Cheers TTS

Replied: 17th Apr 2024 at 14:48

Posted by: whups (13367) 

i wonder how much this would cost if you had to pay privately ? . under the tory crusade to privitise the NHS this is how it would be under this lot if they get in next time .

Replied: 20th Apr 2024 at 14:35

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15558)


I wish yoo would stop talking rubbish, the NHS is not going anywhere, whichever party is in power.

Replied: 20th Apr 2024 at 15:00

Posted by: whups (13367) 

really 1stroke yoo want to open your eyes to wots going on . most of the nhs is already privitised & this lot want to finish it off & if that happens get ready to be transported back a hundred yrs or so if were not already there . you must be walking around with your eyes shut .

Replied: 20th Apr 2024 at 23:42

Posted by: AngelWood (1073)

This is not the thread to start bickering on, have some respect, the pair of you.

Replied: 20th Apr 2024 at 23:55

Posted by: whups (13367) 

no bickering just fact .

Replied: 21st Apr 2024 at 01:13

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15558)

Replied: 21st Apr 2024 at 05:44

Posted by: mollie m (7235) 


Angel is absolutely right. Why bring politics into a thread about a man's worries about his wife? That's very unkind and shows a lack of respect for Peter, and his sick wife.

Replied: 21st Apr 2024 at 06:42

Posted by: Owd Codger (3195)

mollie m

Correct, and if I was Peter and my Wife was in a similar situation, I would not care two hoots about her getting any treatment or service by the NHS which may involved the use of the private sector if it helped her to get better.

My Wife and I wish Peter and Yvonne all the best and hope that things get better for both of them!

Replied: 21st Apr 2024 at 08:17
Last edited by Owd Codger: 21st Apr 2024 at 08:19:29

Posted by: whups (13367) 

it,s just an opinion on how this government is running down the NHS & wot it would be like if they get their way & you have to pay private . wots wrong with that or am i not entitled to my opinion ? . there are many on here who turn one conversation into another , isnt there 1stroke & eggbeater ? .

Replied: 21st Apr 2024 at 23:59

Posted by: Owd Codger (3195)

The NHS has not got sections of it privatised, it just is working in conjunction with the private sector to keep the free service going as it is obvious that with the ever increasing population, people now living longer which brings with it more medical problems and production jobs which brings in necessary revenue going less as a result of automation and technology which has resulted in more people now being on unemployment benefits and not paying Income Tax/NI Cointributions, the NHS is simply not coping like it did in the past times of full employment in many of the revenue producing production industries which now have all gone as a result of foreign competition.

To quote the Tesco slogan, every little helps!

Replied: 22nd Apr 2024 at 08:35
Last edited by Owd Codger: 22nd Apr 2024 at 09:37:16

Posted by: whups (13367) 

there are now private companies on the NHS board after johnson amended lansey,s health & social care act (value for money law) to allow private companies into the NHS . as usual no one seems to care anymore .

Replied: 22nd Apr 2024 at 11:43

Posted by: gaffer (7982) 


There’s not a single person from the private health sector on the NHS England board of directors.
Most of the Langley reforms have been ditched through doctor driven initiatives.
Wes Streeting the likely health minister in a Starmer government will make a lot more use of the private sector than the Tories have done. He’s determined to get the waiting list down irrespective of how much the private sector is involved. No right thinking person will disagree on such an approach providing it’s managed properly.

NHS England board of directors

Replied: 22nd Apr 2024 at 12:26

Posted by: whups (13367) 


Replied: 22nd Apr 2024 at 12:59

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15558)


There is no need for to be rude

Replied: 22nd Apr 2024 at 14:11

Posted by: whups (13367) 

really ? .

Replied: 22nd Apr 2024 at 14:46

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15558)


Replied: 22nd Apr 2024 at 14:48

Posted by: whups (13367) 

you shud talk . pot calling kettle here .

Replied: 22nd Apr 2024 at 23:39

Posted by: Owd Codger (3195)

Gaffer is correct in saying that if Labour are elected, they too will involve the use of private sector because if the NHS is to remain as a free medical service the only alternative is the introduction of a medical service like they have in other countries based on paying for everything.

I feel sure that nobody in our country wants a return to the day's of pre 1947!

Replied: 23rd Apr 2024 at 07:16
Last edited by Owd Codger: 23rd Apr 2024 at 07:35:51

Posted by: whups (13367) 

if this if that it,s all conjecture & considering it comes from a confirmed tory he cant crow about owt with wot his party has done to the NHS , can he .

Replied: 23rd Apr 2024 at 11:30

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15558)


Stop being rude to Gaffer

Replied: 23rd Apr 2024 at 12:05

Posted by: whups (13367) 

not a chance.

Replied: 23rd Apr 2024 at 12:07

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15558)

Replied: 23rd Apr 2024 at 14:00

Posted by: gaffer (7982) 


He doesn’t know any different. He’s an innumerate semi literate buffoon. He can’t comprehend the complexity of the NHS and the difficulties in managing a workforce of 2 million people.

Replied: 23rd Apr 2024 at 14:21

Posted by: Handsomeminer (2761)

Captain google,s got a bee in his bonnet

Replied: 23rd Apr 2024 at 16:02

Posted by: Owd Codger (3195)


or the fact that none of the parties large enough to form a government would ever fully privatised the free health service as they have enough sense to realise that if they did, they would never be elected into power again

He should also note that none of the people who vote the same way as himself do not, judging by the lack of supported comments share his outdated opinions about the future running of the NHS.

Replied: 24th Apr 2024 at 07:26

Posted by: PeterP (11397)

The last time Yvonne came home the hospital sent her home in a private ambulance because all the NW Ambulances were stuck outside A&E with the crews waiting to hand their patients overShe should have came home at tea time(6-00ish) but it got past 10-00pm before she got home.On one of her stays in A&E there was a private ambulance crew dispatched from Sheffield to pick a patient up from Leigh and then brought to Wigan A&E

Replied: 24th Apr 2024 at 07:29

Posted by: whups (13367) 

really gaffer but iv,e been such a buffoon that iv,e proved you wrong twice on here . so wot does it say about you & your so called dodgy facts ? . that workforce is getting less & less under your party,s rule & all you can do is come on here & advocate the failings of our NHS just like your tory hero,s . someday these on here will work you out for the wannabe oxford don you act as .

Replied: 24th Apr 2024 at 11:31

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15558)


Have yoo always been an innumerate semi literate Buffoon

Replied: 24th Apr 2024 at 12:59

Posted by: gaffer (7982) 


A few weeks ago I had surgery in an NHS specialist hospital. The care I received was exceptional, the food was good as well.
I can’t understand why you make a fool of yourself with your outpourings. All you have to do to see how wrong you are with your latest diatribe is to check on the NHS website www.nhsemployers.org which shows that the NHS wage bill has grown from £42.9 billion to £66.2 billion over the last 10 years.

Replied: 24th Apr 2024 at 13:10

Posted by: tonker (28058) 

Gaffer, since I had a serious accident in Spain last November, I have not been able to see my GP.
I have tried to book appointments, but have only managed to see a physio. and a nurse practitioner. Ironically, only the physio. appointment was related to my complaint, the nurse appointment was only given due to a Wigan hospital doctor being concerned about my blood pressure and recommended an appointment with my GP.
Ha! I’ve as much chance of that as I have of winning the National Lottery.
The ‘so-called “medical centre” I ‘belong to’ is always empty. No appointments available for four weeks, yet the place is empty?
What are the doctors actually doing? Are there any doctors there?

I know the NHS is not “privatised”, in the true sense of the word, but it’d may as well be. That clinic is being paid by the NHS for doing nothing.

And Wigan hospital only saw me due to Leigh hospital giving me the wrong medication, which made me quite ill. Then Wigan hospital gave me two medications that ‘must not be taken together as may cause heart failure’!

What a crowd, eh. Gaffer!
£66 billion wages? Ridiculous!

Replied: 24th Apr 2024 at 15:36

Posted by: gaffer (7982) 


Have a look on the Care Quality Commission website to see if you can find a better GP practice in Ashton.
If you need an appointment, usually the same day but out of normal hours, ring the Dicconson group practice in Wigan on 01942 482848. The appointment won’t necessarily be at that practice but it will be in the Wigan area.
The GP surgeries are mostly in the private sector and have been since the NHS was created n 1948. The powers that be are trying to get the GP’s as salaried employees of the NHS but not having much luck.

Replied: 24th Apr 2024 at 17:29

Posted by: PeterP (11397)

Last Thursday I rung the Doctors surgery and was told it would be a fortnight before I could get an appointment. Rung GP Alliance on 01942-482848 and got an appointment to see a nurse practitioner on Monday at 7-00pm at Golborne medical practise

Replied: 26th Apr 2024 at 12:35

Posted by: PeterP (11397)

Yvonne home at tea time now sleeping like a baby now she is in her own bed. I could only get to see her on Weds when they reopened the ward after the Nova virus it was not worth the risk to visit during that time. Lets hope this time they have got on top of her pneumonia and low blood pressure and all the other minor ailments she has had

Replied: 26th Apr 2024 at 18:29

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (15558)


I am glad to hear that Yvonne is back home and alright

Replied: 26th Apr 2024 at 19:46

Posted by: bentlegs (5327)

Peter, I lived in Leyland Green Rd, a bit lower down from you?how come I have never met you,

Replied: 2nd May 2024 at 17:11

Posted by: PeterP (11397)

Bentlegs you probably knew my eldest brother Gerald and my eldest sister Barbara(both now deceased) I was the youngest of six. I left Leyland Green Road when I got married at 21 years of age in 1975.

Replied: 2nd May 2024 at 19:58


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