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Started by: PeterP (9490)

Southern Water impose a hosepipe ban stopping people washing their cars filling paddling pools or watering their gardens. Yet lose estimated 21 million gallons of water per day due to leaky pipes This is not the 1st time that there has been a shortage of water but nothing is ever done about it. The population has grown by approx 6 million people(in the last 10yrs) so extra housing but no extra reservoirs to hold any water. Has a island we are surrounded by water how long before desalination plants have to be set up to get drinking water

Started: 30th Jul 2022 at 14:19
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Posted by: tonker (25523) 

There's no need for desalination plants in Britain, as it's always raining.
The answer is, build more water storage facilities!
They don't run out of water in Spain, where it hardly rains, due to the large capacity reserves in the Pyrenees !

Replied: 30th Jul 2022 at 16:38

Posted by: baker boy (15613)

utility means useful,profitable or beneficial.
dont know about usefu,l but there certainly profitable and beneficial for their workers and shareholders.

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Posted by: Stardelta (10079)

Are you a customer of Sothern water Peter?

Replied: 30th Jul 2022 at 18:10

Posted by: broady (18308) 

I read they lose 98.5 million litres a day due to leaking pipes. Maybe repairing the leaks would help.

Replied: 30th Jul 2022 at 18:26

Posted by: Stardelta (10079)

I am sure all the water companies plan for a certain amount of leakage every year and factor it into their strategies. I am also sure that if they had larger budgets and greater resources they would be able to reduce that rate.....maybe they should put their charges up to allow for this

Replied: 30th Jul 2022 at 18:42

Posted by: PeterP (9490)

SD I am with UU which is the supplier for the N West

Replied: 30th Jul 2022 at 19:32

Posted by: tonker (25523) 

PeterP. How is it that you can correctly spell words like "population", "reservoirs" and "desalination plants", yet fail to distinguish the difference between Has and As ?

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Posted by: tomplum (9380) 

Tonks, Me n Peter went same skool and I'm presently sueing the buggers for failing to eduficate us proper liaaaake ,

Replied: 30th Jul 2022 at 21:42

Posted by: ena malcup (1501) 

Rivington Aqueduct, Thirlmere Aqueduct, Vyrnwy Aqueduct: All Victorian construction.

Apart from London, which in recent years has had the water circular ring main built, it does appear that the rest of us are overly dependent upon Victorian infrastructure.

Bit like our railways then.

Repeated proposals for aqueduct to carry Kielder water to where needed have been rejected.

Replied: 30th Jul 2022 at 22:34

Posted by: PeterP (9490)

Tonker I don't know and care less about has/as A bit like to/too where/ were

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Posted by: Owd Codger (989)

Just after the war, my Grandfather who work in the in the construction industry told me that if the population rose to a big level like it now has today, there would be shortages of water in years to come due to the lack of investment in the building of dams and the storage of water.

Replied: 31st Jul 2022 at 08:43
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Posted by: ianp. (790) 

PeterP., I think that most of us concentrated on the facts regarding 'Southern Water' and not the fact that this was a grammar exercise. Also, I am quite sure that we all understand your text.
By the way, Tonks failed to distinguish the difference between 'a and an'.

Replied: 31st Jul 2022 at 12:18

Posted by: basil brush (18483)

Replied: 31st Jul 2022 at 13:57

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10160)

It should be realised, that taking into account the Droughts of 1976, 1984 and 1995, and some dry summer's since, and the massive increase in the water using population, courtesy of the:

Conservative Party Government's
Labour Party Government's
Equality and Human Rights Commission
European Court of Human Rights

With a special distinction, awarded to Tony Blair and the bloody French, who both excelled in encouraging unfettered immigration into our green and pleasant land.

YES, there is a strain on our water supply system, NO, there have been no big reservoir projects started, since Kielder Water was completed, in the early 1980s.


There as been progress in reducing water consumption, with the introduction of water company cartels, which although illegal, do exist with the purpose of making obscene profits, by screwing the public with extortionate water bills, and along with wide scale water metering of the populace, this as created a culture where folk are in fear of turning on the taps, because of the cost of the water, so I suppose that is a way to save water

Many things now are designed to use less water, washing machines, toilets etc

Replied: 31st Jul 2022 at 14:31

Posted by: ena malcup (1501) 

Don't have reference, but yesterday I read that UK has third most expensive water in OECD.

And that 70% of these monopoly profits go to overseas owners.

Replied: 31st Jul 2022 at 14:37

Posted by: ena malcup (1501) 

Yorkshire Water's reservoirs which supply the densely populated West Yorkshire area, ie around Leeds, did run out of water in 1995.

If you were on the Eastern reaches of the M62, or the transport café that used to be close to Boothferry Bridge, you would have seen the hundreds of road tankers drafted in to ship water from Hull's bore holes to West Yorkshire.(Hull does not have reservoirs: its water is sourced from subterranean aquifers.)

Replied: 31st Jul 2022 at 15:35

Posted by: fossil (7512)

I can understand investors wanting a fair return on investments, but on BBC this morning they said that 74 billion had been paid to Southern Water investors over the years, and in that time not one reservoir has been built by them.
Doesn't look like they are putting customers first!

Replied: 5th Aug 2022 at 09:35

Posted by: broady (18308) 

We have two million lakes for a population around 36m and some areas still have a water shortage.

Replied: 5th Aug 2022 at 14:12

Posted by: fossil (7512)

broady it sounds like they are as inefficient as our lot with all that snow melting.

Replied: 5th Aug 2022 at 15:09

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4953) 

YES but TONKER IN Answer to your
"They don't run out of water in Spain " Due to large reserves under the Pyranees """ They din't actually build the bloomin Pyranees did they??? So yes there will be needs for desalination plants and many other items such as reservoir's etc ,especially at the rate illegal's are flooding into the country!! Excuse the pun!! GB .

Replied: 5th Aug 2022 at 15:52

Posted by: Stardelta (10079)

Bloody immigrants!!
First they stole our women, then they stole our jobs, then they were stealing our houses.......NOW they are stealing our water

Where is it going to end??

Replied: 5th Aug 2022 at 16:20

Posted by: tonker (25523) 

YOGI BEAR - I didn't actually say that.

I said, "They don't run out of water in Spain, where it hardly rains, due to the large capacity reserves in the Pyrenees"!

Now, try telling me 'they' didn't build the reservoirs?

Replied: 5th Aug 2022 at 23:48


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