Stolen BBQ

Started by: nanajacqui (4188) 

Be careful if you're putting your BBQ outside for a street party , a white van has driven off with a brand new BBQ in Standish today

Started: 4th Jun 2022 at 11:59

Posted by: tonker (25468) 

'White Van Man' strikes again!

Replied: 4th Jun 2022 at 12:22

Posted by: Stardelta (9998)

1 barbeque nicked?

I am pretty sure more than 1 house will be turned over and more than 1 car TWOCd while the owners are out having their parties

Replied: 4th Jun 2022 at 13:05

Posted by: Billinge Biker (1501) 

Good grief.... ever the opportunists these neer-do-wells...

Replied: 4th Jun 2022 at 20:03

Posted by: bambam (2553)

Should of been Lit when they pinched it the thieving bustards.

Replied: 5th Jun 2022 at 00:19

Posted by: admin (1250)

A stall holder who sells pies, cakes, etc. on various markets. Was telling my friend A couple of months ago he was loading his van up at 6.00am one morning, and someone pinched his stall from his drive as he was loading it into the back of his van. He had just gone back in the house for a few minutes and when he came out he saw a WHITE VAN driving away from his house..

Replied: 5th Jun 2022 at 13:35

Posted by: basil brush (18430)

they'll nick out these days

Replied: 6th Jun 2022 at 09:51


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