School Shootings

Started by: ena malcup (1547) 

Donald Trump says that the solution is to arm the teachers.

I guess you get a better quality of teacher, Stateside!

Can't help reflecting on my own schooldays. How things might have been had teachers been armed: I'm sure they would have shot more pupils than any interloper might have done!

Started: 28th May 2022 at 20:32

Posted by: jathbee (11368)

Fully agree there Ena. In my junior school years the teachers were swift to wield their canes for the slightest misdemeanor.

Replied: 29th May 2022 at 09:09

Posted by: basil brush (18516)

osted by: jathbee (11313)

Tragic it is indeed . Most of us read or watch the news, don't 'cha know.

You've missed the above off

Replied: 29th May 2022 at 12:02

Posted by: lectriclegs (4929)

Posted by: nanajacqui (4127) [View nanajacqui's page]

Wigan World for anything to do with Wigan

Replied: 25th May 2022 at 10:20

You forgot this one ,Baz

Replied: 29th May 2022 at 12:37

Posted by: basil brush (18516)

oh thanks, I wonder why the 2 haven't posted their comments on here?

Replied: 29th May 2022 at 12:53

Posted by: jathbee (11368)

Unlike you, I'm not in the habit of repeating myself. My comments on the other thread were aimed at your lack of any kind of an original posts, instead of just posting links to the news that people have already read. Ena's post was about Trumps idea of arming teachers. You just posted the link without any kind of meaningful comment. Oh!! Sorry you don't do comments unless they are to do your usual bit of ineffective stirring. So try to behave like grown up, there's a good boy.

Replied: 29th May 2022 at 13:13

Posted by: basil brush (18516)

i think SD was right.

Replied: 29th May 2022 at 13:26

Posted by: ena malcup (1547) 

It has a lot to do with Wigan, or its environs at least.

I am commenting upon the appalling quality of teachers who we had to tolerate at one of the schools in the district.

Over on the 'Album' section, someone left the comment that they were the sort of people that should be kept well away from children!

I gather that one of them did end up on the 'Register', and he was one of the better teachers. Two who were definitely more culpable than was he, would appear to have gotten away with it.

I am not objecting to physical punishments, but to brutal physical assaults, hence my fears of how things might had been had they possessed firearms.

Replied: 29th May 2022 at 16:48
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Posted by: Stardelta (10086)

"to do your usual bit of ineffective stirring"

Spot the irony the irony!

Replied: 29th May 2022 at 17:22

Posted by: basil brush (18516)

Yes, I have

I wonder why nana has never posted that when boredy and Terry Tiny Tears were posting things that weren't about Wigan?

Replied: 30th May 2022 at 10:56

Posted by: whacker (1005)

Ena Malcup is becoming one of my favorite posters. Clear, concise, and neither abusive nor offensive. I had not thought I would live to see on this site someone mention a suggestion of Donald Trump' s without smothering it in abuse.

Other suggestions of Mr. Trumps: When Prime Minister May complained to him that the EU was levying enormous amounts to punish Britain for parturition, Trump said, "So sue them." Of course. The perfect answer. The last thing the EU wants is for all its dirty corruptness to be exposed in international courts. E.g. the free cruise ship the EU heads built for their personal pleasure so that they and their families can sail the Mediterranean . They would have buckled and PAID Britain, and not attempted to plunder it. May did not have the conjones, lost her post, and look now at the mess Brexit has become.

Trump strongly suggested to Angela Merkel that she not allow the Russians to build an oil conduit to Germany. He told her it would be a disaster. Angela knew better, and now the Russians control Europe's fuel supplies and can force Europe to buy it, or they can cut it off in the blink of and eye and blackmail Europe into complying with whatever Russia wants.

Replied: 31st May 2022 at 00:16
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