Blast from the past

Started by: ena malcup (1451) 

Just had a phone call from someone I was at school with.
(now not seen each other in more than half a century)

Set me wondering.

Do you keep in touch with people with who you shared schooling?
Obviously if you live/work in the same place you probably would, but beyond that?

Started: 26th May 2022 at 20:01

Posted by: jathbee (11364)

I still see two of my childhood friends on a weekly basis. We are all widowed now and we all knew each others husband's too.

We share day trips away too. We share the same sense of humour and have a good laugh too.

Replied: 26th May 2022 at 20:13

Posted by: tomplum (9328) 

My good friend at skool married one of my sisters, I was best man at the wedding and we still are the best of friends, We go cycling together we also meet with other skool friends on a regular basis,
Ena, you will know another life long friend of mine, Martin Harrison, He lost his wife recently, very sad, I've known Martin 60 years and his wife 50 years,

We are so lucky to still be kicking,

there is no time in life to be squabbling , its too short,

Replied: 26th May 2022 at 21:33

Posted by: roylew (3608)

I went to a funeral in Frodsham last week and took a lady there who I hadn’t seen for 60 years…we recalled our childhood days and talked about all the people in our class…it was amazing

Replied: 26th May 2022 at 22:25

Posted by: admin (1250)

Still keep in contact with some of my school pals and pals from the places I have worked. I probably see more of them than some of my relatives..

Replied: 27th May 2022 at 12:21

Posted by: ena malcup (1451) 

Yes, I do remember Martin. He was the same age as my younger sister, and was a friend of hers.

However, he would have been about nine years old when last I saw him, so I doubt I would recognise him now.

Replied: 27th May 2022 at 13:02
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