A Grand Day Out

Started by: TerryW (inactive)

Yesterday, ended up at Wigan St Pats watching Andy Gregory's open age team playing against Rose Bridge. A good hard game was played. Greg seemed pleased with his lads but kept his emotions to himself as he did all through the match. After the game it was inside the club for refreshments and some jackbit, an Irish band was on in the evening who were OK. Met many old friends who I hadn't seen in some time and toasted those we have lost.

So all in all it was A Grand Day Out.

You can't beat a bit of amateur RL.

Started: 6th Mar 2022 at 07:45

Posted by: Owd Codger (778)


You sure can't!

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 08:33

Posted by: kathpressey (5470) 

Glad that Andy Greggory is back with RL. I used to enjoy watching him play

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 08:44

Posted by: TerryW (inactive)

Kath he looks very much at home now he's back at the place he started from. He's a much loved character at the club. He doesn't say much after setting his teams sets of play out but he watches like a hawk and with his experience he knows what's what.

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 09:05

Posted by: tomplum (9151) 

Andy has given a lot to the game, i remember when My lad played for hindley from the U8.s to open age and at the ' end of season do's' We always invited Wigan players to come down and encourage the lads, The Big names were hard to get to come down but, Andy came along anyway,
A great player and a great Man, Wigan Man through and through,

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 09:08

Posted by: TerryW (inactive)

Owd Codger, the amateur game still excites me often more than the pro games.

Except probably for the Aussies which never fails to get the blood pumping.

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 09:12

Posted by: TerryW (inactive)

That's so very true, Tom. Andy still gives a lot of his time to the youngsters and attends their presentations to give the lads trophies medals etc. Billy Boston too, who isn't well just now.

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 09:39

Posted by: TerryW (inactive)

Well it's been another grand day to get out and about, sunny and chilly at Southport but that cold fresh air on the front is a tonic all by itself. Not sure what we're having for tea though as we have not been long home, a nice brew for now though. Happy Days.

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 16:16

Posted by: Platty (1349)

No Sunday Roast then, Terry? Have you got anything defrosted?

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 16:23

Posted by: TerryW (inactive)

No, no roast today because we went out, we've got some sweet potatoes for jacket spuds so we may do them, Platty.

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 16:30

Posted by: Platty (1349)

Yum yum. Yes, happy days indeed. Supposed to be horrible next weekend, raining.

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 16:43

Posted by: TerryW (inactive)

They are in now, butter and cheese at the ready.

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 17:03

Posted by: tonker (25248) 

I’ve had fillet steak tonight, cooked on a spade on an open fire, washed down with a bottle of vino negre. I had to, ‘cause I’m stopping in !

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 20:41
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Posted by: tomplum (9151) 

Did Fred Dibner learn you that, ?

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 21:24

Posted by: Platty (1349)

Tonks: I was gardening today, handle broke off the spade, could I borrow yours?

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 21:29

Posted by: tonker (25248) 

Actually, it was a shovel !

Replied: 6th Mar 2022 at 21:32

Posted by: Owd Codger (778)

A good thread on Rugby League again ruined!

Replied: 7th Mar 2022 at 08:01

Posted by: TerryW (inactive)

It's no problem, Owd Codger. It is what it is on WW and always has been swings and roundabouts.

Replied: 7th Mar 2022 at 10:37

Posted by: basil brush (18280)

that's what happened to mine, OC, mine had been on here for ages, one mon starts posting on it, next minute it's gone.

Replied: 7th Mar 2022 at 11:36

Posted by: Domin0 (326)

This happens with lots of threads, it's normal Basil.

Replied: 7th Mar 2022 at 13:22

Posted by: basil brush (18280)

So why didn't it happen months ago?

Replied: 7th Mar 2022 at 13:29

Posted by: Owd Codger (778)


Not swings and roundabouts, just a example of the downward standard like everything these days.

Replied: 8th Mar 2022 at 07:35

Posted by: dougie (4817) 

Going to Manchester this morning for a Coffee on the V1bus out of Leigh, a full day out should only cost us about £6 , that's for the two of us Part of the V1 track no gates on the track ? anyone knows what stops cars or joyriders using it

Also had a nice walk round the City

Replied: 8th Mar 2022 at 09:18
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Posted by: basil brush (18280)

Norley had a cracking rugby team in the 80s

Replied: 8th Mar 2022 at 09:29

Posted by: Owd Codger (778)

The best amateur club team, I have seen in Wigan was the Wigan St Patricks Under 19 team coached by Tony Scahill around the late seventies.

As I recall, Martin McLoughlin was the Full Back and also included Ged Byrne and Stephen Davies who went on to ply for Wigan. Others included Gerry Nolan, Neil Poynton and Neil Telford.

Used to attract big crowds to Carrington Field on a Sunday Morning.

Replied: 8th Mar 2022 at 10:51

Posted by: retep1949 (817)

OC,I worked with Steve Davies,smashing young lad.Not seen him for years.He played for Wigan against the Aussies.

Replied: 8th Mar 2022 at 11:11
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Posted by: TerryW (inactive)

Owd Codger they were a formidable team with those lads you mention, also not forgetting the outstanding Martin Sharrock (Chivvers) a true sportsman. He drives busses now and still loves his RL.

Replied: 8th Mar 2022 at 12:54

Posted by: basil brush (18280)

I'm sure Norley ended St Jude's run of 22 games.

Replied: 9th Mar 2022 at 08:43


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