Russian Fossil Fuels

Started by: ena malcup (1188) 

Should we be placing an embargo on Russian gas and petroleum products?

It is not something that I wish to do, but if leaving my car parked up, and walking more, wrapping in a blanket or duvet rather than heating the room, will help to bring an end to conflict, then, yes, lets go.

I suspect the discomfort will be short term, to do otherwise may be more painful in the long term.

UK is less dependent on Russian hydro-carbons than our neighbours, but to succeed, we would need to share available fuels with one another for a little while.

Of course, the cynics could prove to be correct: the West could prove itself to be morally bankrupt. Fear and greed could stay our hand whilst we are salami-ed by an aggressor employing intimidation.

Started: 3rd Mar 2022 at 21:04

Posted by: ena malcup (1188) 

Replied: 3rd Mar 2022 at 21:35


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