Bird survey

Started by: PeterP (9394)

Next week end is the annual bird survey. I am led to believe you count the number of birds which land on your property over a 1 hour period. We face our side garden when we are eating and through the window we can see our bird table. Earlier in the year I had 3 feeders hanging from the table 1 full of suet/mealy worm 1 with fat balls and the other with wild bird food also any bread scraps went onto the table Most of this food got eaten within minutes of being put out mainly by starlings. Now I have had to take the wild bird feeder off because the seed was sprouting and any food scraps I remove at the end of the day. We may see 1 or 2 starlings on the feeders and the gulls flying around but every thing else as disappeared

Started: 23rd Jan 2022 at 10:08

Posted by: bentlegs (4807)

Peter, where have all the birds gone, we used to have loads of them coming to feed now we are lucky if we see three birds a day.

Replied: 23rd Jan 2022 at 11:32

Posted by: tomplum (9151) 

We have very few birds as well, here is Mr Tee, I call him that because It won't belong before we cannot call them
black birds anymore,

Replied: 23rd Jan 2022 at 11:40

Posted by: Platty (1349)

Tom, you just ask for trouble don't you?! We have a large family of sparrows in our hedge and like Peterp we have to keep clearing the feeders.
As far as where have all the birds gone, someone told me that the squirrels eat the birds eggs which could explain it, there are loads of squirrels in the woods, they don't seem to hibernate anymore.

Replied: 23rd Jan 2022 at 12:04

Posted by: tomplum (9151) 

Tom, you just ask for trouble don't you? N not me Platty, I just tell it like it is,

Replied: 23rd Jan 2022 at 12:41

Posted by: kathpressey (5470) 

My husband puts out sunflower hearts and mixed food. we get lots of goldfinches and sparrows with regular visits from a robin and a daily visit rom a blackbird. We haven't had a starling for ages. i do the 1 hour bird count. I remember last year we were in lockdown at the time.

Replied: 24th Jan 2022 at 08:29

Posted by: momac (12014) 

I get a bag of fat balls,mash them up with a hammer..I've had robins,sparrows,blackbirds and pigeons,but no starlings..I wonder why?.

Replied: 24th Jan 2022 at 09:02

Posted by: hugh wilson (61)

Squirrels do not and never have hibernated.

Replied: 24th Jan 2022 at 09:16

Posted by: PeterP (9394)

No real improvement in the bird population The telegraph pole at the front of the bungalow and surrounding houses this time last year were full with Starlings and the Sparrows used to go under the eaves of the bungalow next door . This year no Sparrows and only the odd Starling. We have a pair of Blackbirds visit and I saw a Pied Wagtail last week. Whilst having our meals the houses and sky are devoid of birds and if I throw toast out sometimes I end up picking it up early evening to deter any vermin. Cannot remember the last time we saw a bird on the bird table or feeders. Fat balls and the suet/mealy worm looking mankie and I may end up putting contents into the bin

Replied: 9th Mar 2022 at 08:00

Posted by: Anne (4163) 

Up until recently I had both male and female woodpeckers visiting (have had woodpeckers for years) then noticed only the female visiting. Two days ago I found the remains of the male, just it’s head, no sign of it’s body.

Replied: 9th Mar 2022 at 09:10


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