Started by: Tommy Two Stroke (8628)

Boris like to have a good time, he is such a jolly person, and he likes too PARTY LINK

Started: 14th Jan 2022 at 18:21

Posted by: ena malcup (345)

"I did not consider it to be a party
I mean
Where's the coke?"

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 19:03

Posted by: tomplum (8237) 

latest report is, He has trouble doing the okey cokey but, now he's turned it all around and, thats what its all about, he's also,
sought advice from a close friend

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 20:52

Posted by: broady (17542) 

---------- Forwarded message ---------
Thought of you and Mick earlier Tom.

Sanjay Thakrar, CEO at Euro Exim Bank Ltd, got economists thinking when he said:

“A cyclist is a disaster for a country's economy.

He does not buy a car and does not take a car loan.

Does not buy car insurance.

Does not buy fuel.

Does not send his car for servicing and repairs.

Does not use paid parking.

Does not become obese.

Yes ...and well, damn it! ...healthy people are not needed for an economy.

They do not buy drugs.

They do not go to hospitals and doctors.

They add nothing to a country's GDP.

On the contrary, every new McDonald’s outlet creates at least 30 jobs:

10 cardiologists,

10 dentists,

10 weight-loss experts, apart from people working in McDonald’s outlets.

So, choose wisely: A bicycle or a McDonald's?

Walkers are even worse. Those people do not even buy a bicycle!

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 20:59

Posted by: madamehmurray (6246) 

of course, not wearing a mask. nancy witchy pelosi bought property in fla so she can go out without whearing a mask. do you see many politicans wearing them. i dont

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 21:16

Posted by: tomplum (8237) 

Broady, that was funny, I laughed out loud that cyclists pizz people off,

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 21:39

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8628)

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 21:46

Posted by: tomplum (8237) 

nowt wrung with repeats Tommy tee, Its still a gud un,

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 21:53

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8628)

I have another one, but it is offensive, so I won't post it, because I am only having a laugh

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 22:01

Posted by: broady (17542) 

I’ve just got back from my walk so I can’t say owt.

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 22:07

Posted by: tomplum (8237) 

Tommy Tee, you can post it elsewhere because hooomer is not banned on my forum or WR,
Illegitimum non carborundum;

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 22:14

Posted by: AngelWood (638)

How many more of them can apologise? It's time they all threw in the towel.

Replied: 14th Jan 2022 at 22:23

Posted by: mortarmillbill (743)

Daily Mail headlines today :-

Starmer the covid party hypocrite. (It was a work event!)

We are all in it together springs to mind.

Replied: 15th Jan 2022 at 11:06


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