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Can anyone explain to me why doesn't the government abolish this outdated system of moving the clocks to and fro each year ! One of my reason's for leaving things be is that it would help our climate , More so since we have been told that our Electric and Gas Prices are going to go thro the roof . As we all know in a few weeks time it will be going dark around 3.30ish PM therefore we are having to put our lights on in our homes , thus this means using more Electric the logistical problem's this cause's to industry and travel is immense so i do think that they could have helped the vast majority of people and homes by just leaving the damn clock's alone .... WHAT DO YOU THINK W.W.s GB

Started: 30th Oct 2021 at 15:58

Posted by: Platty (716)

Swings and roundabouts GB. They tried it a few years ago and it was dangerously dark in the mornings when children were going to school. During the war, the clocks moved back and fore twice a year to help the farmers.
And years ago throughout Great Britain, areas had different time zones which resulted in amazing train timetables! I think it was when the trains got very commercial they gave Great Britain a universal time.

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Just had a vote on exactly the same question in Alberta and the vote was in favour of stopping as we are. Spring forward, fall back. Just checked and the vote was 50.1% to 49.9%.

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It doesn’t matter which end of the day an extra hour of daylight is at. If lights go on at 3-30 pm by moving the clocks back it will mean if the clocks are left at summer time an extra dark hour in the mornings.

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Most kids get taken to school and farm vehicles have more lights that a football stadium. It is like GB says stick with BST

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Posted by: sonlyme (3046)

I agree.It's outdated and has no place in the modern world.The only exception would be children going to school but surely it would be easier to change school hours from 9.3 to 10.4.

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Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)

It was in 1970 when they did not put the clocks back, and school started half an hour later at 9.30am and finished half an hour later at 4.00pm and I preferred it that way

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Posted by: ena malcup (367)

Yes, TTS. I seem to recall that was the majority view.

But it really did not suit a handful of folk in the Scottish islands (Hebrides if my memory serves me well).

I never did understand why such communities did not change their times for local schools etc, rather than all the rest of us having to placate them. Still, I guess that's politics.

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I remember in the 60s they tried not putting the clocks back and it was still dark as we started lessons and pitch black going to school. It wouldn't save electricity if we left the clocks alone because you either need the lights on longer in the morning or earlier at night. We'd still have the same amount of daylight whatever. It does take me a while to adjust though. I was awake at 5 this morning andI'll be ready for bed when Strictly is on tonight!

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Posted by: fossil (7013)

broady voting similar to Brexit!
Could be a bad move to change

Replied: 31st Oct 2021 at 21:39

Posted by: First Mate (inactive)

1968 to 1971 – In response to business and public opinion polls, Harold Wilson’s government introduced the British Standard Time trial with Britain remaining on GMT +1 hour throughout the year. Analysis of the first two years of the trial found that the resulting darker mornings in the autumn resulted in an increase in road casualties during the early hours. But this was offset by a substantially greater reduction in the number of road casualty incidents occurring in the evening. A total of 2,700 fewer people were killed or seriously injured during the first two winters of British Standard Time.



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