Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (4449) 

I deleted the post due to someone's ignorant comment . GB

Started: 13th Oct 2021 at 16:15
Last edited by GOLDEN BEAR: 14th Oct 2021 at 14:38:27

Posted by: tonker (24611) 

GB, what're you on about?, Everybody knows that the true cause of climate change is down to the UK. With all the cows trumping and people picking kids up from school in cars.
Anybody who blames it on China is a racist!

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 16:23

Posted by: Platty (716)

Yes Tonks. Burnham's extending the Clean Air Zone to include farms.

And you could hardly see through the fog down by the canal this morning because of that cow walking along it. Plus the cow pats she left. Should feed these cows green stuff instead of all this coal and diesel.

Replied: 13th Oct 2021 at 21:38

Posted by: Platty (716)

That's you told Tonks. Wouldn't have said you were ignorant, silly perhaps.

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 15:49

Posted by: tonker (24611) 

Nothing's "told" me, platty. There's two ignorant folk on this thread, but I'm not one of them!

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 19:10

Posted by: Platty (716)

And as it's not me, that's you off GB's christmas card list!

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 20:17

Posted by: tonker (24611) 

Merrrrrrrry Chris'mus, Grizzly Bear!

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 20:55

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)


Yoo have upset Golden Bear

Replied: 14th Oct 2021 at 21:08

Posted by: kathpressey (5393) 

what a shame GB that people can't respect another person's post.

Replied: 15th Oct 2021 at 08:55

Posted by: Platty (716)

Another one Tonks has upset!

Replied: 15th Oct 2021 at 09:44

Posted by: PeterP (9054)

We has a nation are going to get screwed by the climate change brigade. No petrol/diesel cars no gas boilers A green levy on every thing bar fresh air. But China Poland the good old USA to name a few can pollute what they want but we have to pay to clean up our act

Replied: 15th Oct 2021 at 10:48

Posted by: First Mate (inactive)

The good old days.

Replied: 15th Oct 2021 at 11:12

Posted by: Platty (716)

Peter P: It is big business and it is a nonsense. I don't know where they are coming from. The percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 420 ppm, i.e. about 0.04%. 100 years ago (1921) for every 10,000 molecules in the air 3 were CO2, now it is about 4.
And they are saying thay causes climate change!!
CO2 is a weak greenhouse gas absorbing infra-red in 2 narrow ranges. Water vapour absorbs over a much wider range and, on average, it is about 3%, i.e. about 60 times the concentration of CO2.

In my day we used to call it "Earth Sciences", they don't seem to have that anymore.

Replied: 15th Oct 2021 at 12:28

Posted by: First Mate (inactive)

"The Last Time CO2 Was This High, Humans Didn’t Exist

Carbon dioxide is the most important long-lived global warming gas, and once it is emitted by burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil, a single CO2 molecule can remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years. Global CO2 emissions reached a record high of 35.6 billion tonnes in 2012, up 2.6 percent from 2011. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases warm the planet by absorbing the sun’s energy and preventing heat from escaping back into space.

The news that CO2 is near 400 ppm for the first time highlights a question that scientists have been investigating using a variety of methods: when was the last time that CO2 levels were this high, and what was the climate like back then?

There is no single, agreed-upon answer to those questions as studies show a wide date range from between 800,000 to 15 million years ago. The most direct evidence comes from tiny bubbles of ancient air trapped in the vast ice sheets of Antarctica. By drilling for ice cores and analyzing the air bubbles, scientists have found that, at no point during at least the past 800,000 years have atmospheric CO2 levels been as high as they are now"

"That means that in the entire history of human civilization, CO2 levels have never been this high"


Replied: 15th Oct 2021 at 12:46

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)

I hope after this Cop 26 thing in Glasgow, Boris tells Carrie to shove her climate change stuff, where the sun don't shine, and let us get back to fracking, and opening new oil and gas fields on yon North Sea

And whilst they are at it, make that Greta Thunberg 'Persona non Grata' in this country.

The mad cow.


Replied: 15th Oct 2021 at 13:47

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4449) 

All i will say on the issue is this ,,, Everything i wrote was actually correct and factual of which PeterP & Platty the facts ,,, This thread i started was to just show people what's happening ! """What just pissed me off was someone claiming that COWS farts & pats were a major cause for concern and that they are the main contributors to climate change """ I am NOT upset at any one person ,it's just that this topic was/is very close for me i honestly believe it's also a grave problem for the WORLD . GB

Replied: 16th Oct 2021 at 15:59

Posted by: tonker (24611) 

"What just pissed me off was someone claiming that COWS farts & pats were a major cause for concern"

You clearly don't read as much as you should.
The government and a lot of scientists all say they are. And it's well publicised.

Scotland has banned lots of parents from doing the "school run", followed by many English schools in certain areas.
The reason? Road Safety? - No. Congestion? - No. Annoying residents by parking in 'their' space, outside 'their' house? - No.
What then? ......... It's contributing to climate change!

So, GB., you can be as pissed off as you like with what I write, but, remember this - I never write anything that's not true!

Mind you, I wouldn't expect anything else from a Wiganer who thinks a Harley Davidson is a good motorbike!

GB., it's joke, mate. Bloody laugh for once!

Replied: 16th Oct 2021 at 16:27

Posted by: Platty (716)

Tonks: Well said. I think it's a shame because GB is an all right bloke as are lots on here, you, me, TommyP, Terry, etc. (no mention of women cos never know where I am with them although NJ seems to have balls when required), and others.
But GB seems to have angst, and comes here for support, and I agree with a lot he says, but sometimes a bit of light hearted comments lightens the heart, the mood and the board for others who come here.
He didn't take our comments as meant, in a joking way. Very sad. Which is why I posted my serious comment.

Cordy seems to have disappeared, does anyone know where?

Replied: 16th Oct 2021 at 18:16

Posted by: Stardelta (8848)

FGS take a chill-pill GB,,,,,,,in fact take the whole bottle!

Replied: 16th Oct 2021 at 20:03

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)

Replied: 16th Oct 2021 at 21:11

Posted by: tomplum (8289) 

Platty has his finger on the pulse, when you go watching a film like James Bond, It has a great entertainment value but, its not true to life, I post many things, tongue in cheek, others don't see the humour , GB is a nice bloke I know him and have spoken to him and we get on, Others who don't know me but judge me and print my name and address clearly have problems, Like sledge says chill but DO NOT follow his advice on taking pills, have a beer instead, Tonkers a good bloke too, a bit pentertonic but a world leader in, ' how to get on with Spaniards '

Replied: 16th Oct 2021 at 21:40


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