Lord (Murdering) Lucan.

Started by: Billinge Biker (1069) 

Why was he never Caught?

Started: 7th Oct 2021 at 19:57

Posted by: lectriclegs (4519)

Who did he murder?

Replied: 7th Oct 2021 at 20:01

Posted by: First Mate (inactive)

His children's Nanny?

On the evening of 7 November 1974, Sandra Rivett, the nanny of Lucan's children, was bludgeoned to death in the basement kitchen of the Lucan family home. Lady Lucan was also attacked when she went to investigate Rivett's whereabouts, a little after 9pm; escaping to the local Public House, the Plumbers Arms, she identified Lucan as her assailant. Police immediately opened a murder investigation, Lucan by then, had driven his borrowed Ford Corsair to visit a friend at Susan Maxwell-Scott's[1] home, in Uckfield, East Sussex. Lucan telephoned his mother from there asking her to collect his children as there had been an incident at the family home, he also penned a letter.[1] Hours later, he left the Uckfield property and posted an unstamped letter to his children.[1] The car was later found abandoned in Newhaven, its interior stained with blood and its boot containing a piece of bandaged lead pipe similar to one found at the crime scene. Lucan had vanished by the time the police issued a warrant for his arrest a few days later. The subsequent inquest in June 1975 into Ms Rivett's death named Lucan in the verdict as her killer

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Posted by: Diston (251)

Royalty, can tell to many tales, Just like Diana and Epstein.

Replied: 7th Oct 2021 at 20:39

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)

I used to love a game of Cloodo

Replied: 7th Oct 2021 at 21:05

Posted by: Pewfall (219) 

I reckon he jumped off that Newhaven ferry to never be traced. He borrowed a mate's Ford Corsair found dumped there. In those days getting a cross channel ferry had the same audit trail as a £2 bus ticket to beech hill. His wife Veronica killed herself not long ago wiv troubles and tablets, wiv many years of not seeing her kids and grandkids. So sad and shows being flush with money unlike most of us isn't really important.

Replied: 7th Oct 2021 at 22:24

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)


No, No, No, he wanted the police to think he had caught the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry, but he didn't, instead he had another vehicle parked up or waiting for him, and he buggered off somewhere else ?

But that was to obvious, so he probably DID catch the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry, but using a false passport, and matching disguise, all carefully planned in advance, or did he ?

Replied: 7th Oct 2021 at 22:32

Posted by: Pewfall (219) 

tommy too, did you ever read that book 'dead lucky' when it was released? i did, I was glued from page 1 as It solved the mystery , but the bok was debunked about a week later to reveal it was actually a mate of Tonker's, a folk singer from somewhere around Carr Mill

Replied: 7th Oct 2021 at 22:58

Posted by: First Mate (inactive)

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Why was he never Caught?

Started: 7th Oct 2021 at 19:

Being an ex police officer, enlighten us please

Replied: 7th Oct 2021 at 23:21

Posted by: whups (7559) 

he was hiding in city,s trophy room .

Replied: 7th Oct 2021 at 23:44

Posted by: Billinge Biker (1069) 

First Mate... Thanks for that informative post. I have no idea why he wasn't apprehended. With technology available at the time it makes you wonder if greater powers shuffled it under the carpet. Was the victims family paid off.... Shush money? Never heard of them making a song and dance at no progress being made. After the Nazi atrocities of WW2 SIMON WIESENTAHL.. hunted numerous of them down. Scotland Yard / The Met / Princess Di... . Makes you think.

Replied: 8th Oct 2021 at 10:27

Posted by: WN1 Standisher (391)

A strong rumor was he was flown out of the country in a private aircraft by one of his high society buddies and then went to ground.

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Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)

In that time frame of the early to mid 1970s there was a lot of naughty policemen around

The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad for one, and they framed the Birmingham Six and the Bridgewater Four LINK

Bent cops eh !!!!

But yon Lord Loocan must have spirited away a lot of dosh.

Or he might have jumped off the ferry, and deed

Replied: 8th Oct 2021 at 12:28

Posted by: Platty (716)

I think he went to Kenya. He had a farm there and Happy Valley was colonials playground. He was a great friend of Aspinall et al and they would have used their influence to protect him.

Replied: 8th Oct 2021 at 12:42

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)

The 'Old Boy' network.

Replied: 8th Oct 2021 at 12:47

Posted by: TerryW (6964)

His wife self diagnosed with Parkinson's and did away with herself using drink and drugs.

Replied: 8th Oct 2021 at 14:43

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4449) 

IT'S a good job he had CASH stashed away if he had ,had a contactless card he would have been up the SWANEEEEE ! GB

Replied: 8th Oct 2021 at 15:22

Posted by: TerryW (6964)

He was skint and in debt, but he had friends in high places with money.

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Posted by: grimshaw (3066) 

In late 75 my pal and i visited London to see his brother who had a job at the B B C .
We decided to have a pint or two in the plumbers arms in Belgravia which is just down the street from Lucans house .
The locals all said he was a tosser and guilty as hell .
The area reeked of money .

Replied: 8th Oct 2021 at 16:28

Posted by: Joe Maplin (439) 

On the tv program spitting image,he was always seen working behind
the bar in the house of commons

Replied: 8th Oct 2021 at 16:51

Posted by: Billinge Biker (1069) 

Thanks to one and all. Us minions will never know the truth.

Replied: 8th Oct 2021 at 21:05

Posted by: bentlegs (4740)

He was too clever for the Police but he must have had a lot of help.

Replied: 9th Oct 2021 at 11:40


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