Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (4449) 

Well this lunchtime we left for Wigan to do some banking, fist traffic lights on Poolstock Lane ,,then we drove down Caroline St only to see road closed at the bottom , ( no sign back up Chapel Lane to inform you of this ))
do a quick about turn got back on Chapel Lane only to be in a jam under railway bridge what the hell they are doing as one turns left near old Brocal House ( looks as if they are coming out further with pavement)) managed to go up King St ,i then turned left even though it says no left turn ,then right by Wallgate Station then right into King St west ? round back of Parish Church into Hallgate , parked up !
Coming home decide to go down Frog Lane ,along woodhouse Lane ( guess what ) traffic lights , down to beech hill turned left just passed Farm Foods , then right at Red Robin then onto Scott Lane right onto Ormskirk Rd GUESS WHAT TRAFFIC LIGHTS AGAIN up to Tunstall Lane ,,down Little Lane onto new road left into ST.Paul's Ave to bottom of POOLSTOCK LANE then thro lights onto Carr Lane and finally home ,, COMPLETLY EXHAISTED GOT IN COLLAPSED AND HAD A BREW THE MORAL IS TO ALL WITH VEHICLES PLAEASE KEEP AWAY FROM WIGAN FOR HAVING BEEN THERE ALMOST EVERYTHING IS CLOSED ,WENT INTO SMITH'S ONLY TO TOLD THAT WE ARE CLOSING DOWN FOR GOOD ON DECEMBER THE 4TH 2021 YET ANOTHER NAIL IN WIGAN'S COFFIN ,,,YET THIS CLOWNCOUNCIL ARE GOING AHEAD SPENDING MILLION'S OF POUNDS OF RATEPAYER'S MONEY ON A PIPE DREAM ,, I COULD NOT WRITE THIS AT ALL !!!!!!!!!GB

Started: 17th Sep 2021 at 15:21

Posted by: First Mate (inactive)

Replied: 17th Sep 2021 at 15:44
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Posted by: tomplum (8289) 

GB, as I was cycling passed yesterday, All the men when stood about doint nowt, I joked to them, " need a lift lads, I can do that gis a job" A nasty one said ( they are everywhere nasty people) " eff off" then a more pleasant informative nice guy, ( like me ) said, " We can't get the tarmac due to, covid, Brexit and some numpty in the planning did't order enough"
I understand that, probably a mate of Sledge

Replied: 17th Sep 2021 at 15:53

Posted by: Stardelta (8848)

People in cars complaining about other people in cars!!
What irony!!

Replied: 17th Sep 2021 at 16:10

Posted by: Platty (716)

Wigan should be turned into a village. Roads round it, nothing but boutiques in the middle.

Replied: 17th Sep 2021 at 19:44

Posted by: PeterP (9054)

I wanted to go to Currys for an item and thought about going to Robin Park Wigan but with all the traffic problems decided to go to St Helens.Got onto the A58 and was there in no time no hastle with any traffic

Replied: 17th Sep 2021 at 20:53

Posted by: tomplum (8289) 

you're right Peter its also quicker to go to B+Q in Warrington for me, which is 11 miles away than, go B+Q Wigan, which is 1.4 miles away,

Replied: 17th Sep 2021 at 21:12

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)

B&Q at Winwick, with a McDonalds at the side of it

Replied: 17th Sep 2021 at 22:11

Posted by: tomplum (8289) 

that's the one Tommy tee,
11 miles from my house and 11 minutes on average to get there, If I set off from my house to B+Q Wigan, 11 minutes later, I'm in a jam at Peters chippy or the saddle,
Sledge may have left the planning but, he learned the upcoming planners how to gridllock our town and take our council tax in big lumps,

roadworks boss

Replied: 17th Sep 2021 at 23:14

Posted by: basil brush (17461)

Heads up guys just seen workmen putting signs out on poolstock lane Wigan side near the roundabout says work starting here 4th of October for 7 weeks that's going to be fun Not

off FB

Replied: 1st Oct 2021 at 12:18

Posted by: owdfettler (14)

The roads in Wigan have been in a mess for years now and people keep blaming the councillors but the same people keep voting in the same people has long as this keeps happening the £13,000 a year councillors will never alter the ever chaotic road nightmares in this town,So vote differently.

Replied: 1st Oct 2021 at 15:25

Posted by: tomplum (8289) 

its good and bad from Poolstock Lane,
1. good news, the works at Peters chippy is finished,
2. now the bad.

Replied: 1st Oct 2021 at 15:34
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Posted by: owdfettler (14)

Its only seven weeks absolute mayhem why worry.

Replied: 1st Oct 2021 at 15:43


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