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Started by: roylew (3360)

Why is the BBC so obsessed with daily shows where presenters are sat on sofas…or presenting the news …this goes on from 6am toll 10.45 pm..with a little respite from crap repeated shows about antiques and old houses…unbelievable where our money goes….same old same old every bloody day…just putting more “ celebrities “ on show waffling on how they’ve been coping with lockdown etc…talking from their multi million pound homes…then they they throw in some poor sod from a northern town and try to show some remorse with them….it’s time we switched the BBC off….and ITV programmes are just adverts with soaps….

Started: 22nd Jul 2021 at 19:27

Posted by: momac (11747) 

I'm so cheesed off seeing celebs on nearly every programme,I think they're running out of ideas on what to put on next.

Replied: 22nd Jul 2021 at 19:35

Posted by: JR (251)

Yes, go back 30 0r 40 years in America and these productions were very low budget cable channel programmes that the main population didn't give any time of day too.
We have seriously regressed

Replied: 22nd Jul 2021 at 19:44

Posted by: JR (251)

and... where is Tonker when you need him. Is he in Spain? - they have internet there too!

Replied: 22nd Jul 2021 at 19:46

Posted by: Axcroft (203)

Yes, roylew, I agree.
The BBC should be defunded, through an Act of Parliament.
But that will never happen. For obvious reasons.
Getting out of payment, in a legal way, is a complex rigmarole, and people that try are hounded relentlessly.

Replied: 22nd Jul 2021 at 19:48

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (7812)

Gary Lineker is going to be presenting a quiz show on ITV called 'Shitting on a Fortune'

Replied: 22nd Jul 2021 at 20:02

Posted by: kathpressey (5319) 

i don't watch daytime TV for the reasons stated by roylew. I'd rather read a book or find something to do although I did enjoy Wimbledon and looking forward to the Olympics

Replied: 23rd Jul 2021 at 08:35

Posted by: chatty (8460) 

Big ears, biggest waste of license fee money on the BBC and he has a lot of competition.
Does anybody actually watch Match of the Day just because he presents it?
People tune in to watch the football highlights, a presenter on a 20th of his wage could do it and they wouldn't lose one viewer.
Millions spent on a new Eastenders set.....
Due to the covid there wont be their usually jolly to the Olympics, they normally take twice as many "staff" to that than any other broadcaster worldwide.
As for Claudia Winkleman, Alex explains it best.

Replied: 23rd Jul 2021 at 09:21

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3992) 

Hi i /we make it a point to only turn on the tv from around 5.00pm, we do not watch any of the day-time crap that is being rammed down our throats ,day in--day out ,all in the name of entertainment , ( MY *RSE ) With respect i just wish we had the choice ,ie me i would not pay a licence i would opt to pay to sky for example for there does seem to be a bit better on offer . It was not very long ago when-ever we wanted to view Cricket/ Open Golf/ Horse Show Jumping/ US MASTERS Golf /Some Rugby Union games? Those just a few i can think of..... YET the dreaded fee as gone up and up it's now £157quid and for what ???
To keep these so-named stars on mega wages i also agree why pay " jugears"" such high wages ????? Come the Revolution ... GB

Replied: 23rd Jul 2021 at 15:50

Posted by: roylew (3360)

It just beggars belief oh look there’s someone in their million pound home griping on about Covid my heart goes out to us so typical of BBC and now there’s another one on another channel about a farmer ( multi million pounder) saying how they have been done ….get real it really stinks class distinction in this country gets worse ….I can see the 80’s riots returning and I don’t see boris lasting

Replied: 23rd Jul 2021 at 19:36

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (3992) 

ROYLEW ,,, Agree with you completely and just to add very hurtful this morning had to fork out £159 .00 pound on tv licence and for what????GB

Replied: 24th Jul 2021 at 16:05

Posted by: Stardelta (8358)

Had to fork out??

Had to??

No CHOSE to!

Replied: 24th Jul 2021 at 16:11

Posted by: tomplum (7638) 

I chose to pay it because, The Beeb is the best channel, Its the envy of the World and produces all the best programs with no adverts, If you break it down the price per day is less than .50p and that includes the radio and BBCiplayer,
I understand people today like to , get it for nowt, and its easy to do if you're of that school of thinking but hey, C'mon, pay the money and enjoy the programs , don't be a blood sucking leech if a program is not to your liking, push the 'OFF' button

Replied: 24th Jul 2021 at 21:53

Posted by: tommy39 (474) 

i told their inspector of tv taxes to do one 20 yrs ago.never had a problem with them

Replied: 25th Jul 2021 at 00:29


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