Frank Orrell Photography

Started by: jo anne (33951) 

All these books are available at Rydings news stall in Wigan market hall. They’re not yet available online, but anyone interested can phone 01257 255431 or email (Facebook)

Started: 13th Sep 2020 at 11:52

Posted by: jo anne (33951) 

Frank’s Facebook page is well worth a look! It’s a growing treasure trove of local photos.

Frank Orrell Photography

Replied: 13th Sep 2020 at 11:57

Posted by: FAT MICK (inactive)

If anybody fancies a ride out into the countryside and some fresh air, these books are available at the Physio & Foot Surgery 18 Broad O'th' Lane Shevington,

Replied: 13th Sep 2020 at 12:21

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)

They are a bit pricey

Replied: 13th Sep 2020 at 12:57

Posted by: TerryW (6964)

Free on Facebook.

Foot shot there me thinks.

Replied: 13th Sep 2020 at 13:13

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (8705)

I used to wait for books like that to turn up in the 'Book Clearance Centre' which used to be in Marketgate (The Wigan Centre Arcade) it was there for years, and it was me favourite shop

Long gone now

Replied: 13th Sep 2020 at 13:30

Posted by: jo anne (33951) 

Frank’s recently added 100 photos to his Facebook album:

Wigan Industry

Well worth taking a look

Replied: 3rd Jan 2021 at 09:50

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

The lad must be getting on a bit.
A lot of his photos are older than Adam good stuff though

Replied: 3rd Jan 2021 at 13:41

Posted by: jo anne (33951) 

I think Frank posted where the older photos come from, I-Spy, but I can’t find it now.

His own photos are from his career in local press photography of over 40 years - no mean feat.

Replied: 3rd Jan 2021 at 13:59

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

The observer and the post have had some excellent photographers over the years but strangely I don't recall any camera women ..

Replied: 3rd Jan 2021 at 15:58

Posted by: JR (311)

Jo anne - Rydings book stall. Frank Ryding was my dad's cousin. He originally worked at Smith's bookstall in the old arcade. When Smith's moved to Market Street, Frank was offered the job as manager, but he chose to open up is own stall in the market. Sadly deceased now - he was a very nice guy.

Replied: 3rd Jan 2021 at 17:13

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

Frank was a top bloke. Always wrapped up my paper to go in the bag

Replied: 3rd Jan 2021 at 20:27

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4449) 

I have just been browsing the photo's on ( industry ) and to to say they are brilliant is an understatement they are miraculous congratulation to the gent concerned . well done FRANK ORRELL.

Replied: 6th Jan 2021 at 15:56
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Posted by: jo anne (33951) 

There’s a great interview with Frank Orrell in the latest Local Life Wigan magazine - free to read online.

Life through the lens
By Nicola Gray - Link (p.14 - 17)

Replied: 20th Jan 2021 at 20:36

Posted by: jo anne (33951) 

Frank’s recent plea on Facebook:

Replied: 16th Feb 2021 at 17:22

Posted by: riocaroni (217)

Bought volume one and two plus Wigan at leisure from Rydings stall. Really enjoy looking at old photos as well as reading Geoff Shryanes tales of Wigan.

Replied: 16th Feb 2021 at 21:23

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

I sympathize with Frank's Facebook plea but it's difficult to police the millions of photos on the web because the original photographer isn't always known so can't be credited.
I'm not even sure you can still order copies from the local papers except for those currently being used on their nostalgia pages.

Replied: 19th Feb 2021 at 12:21

Posted by: jo anne (33951) 

Meet the photographer with Frank Orrell

At The Museum of Wigan Life

Sat 4th Dec 2021, 1pm - 2pm

Join Frank for this fascinating illustrated event as he talks about his time spent photographing rugby league.

Link: Eventbrite

The event is part of the programme for the new free rugby league exhibition 'gerrumonside! the passion of rugby league past present and future' which begins when the Museum reopens from Sat 27th Nov.

Opening times will be Tues-Sat, 10am-4pm

Replied: 7th Nov 2021 at 09:22

Posted by: jo anne (33951) 

@WiganCouncil (21st Nov):

Replied: 21st Nov 2021 at 10:22


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