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The latest issue of the local history magazine is available online for free - Link

If you haven’t seen it already it’s well worth a read. Other archive editions are also available.

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Not forgetting: Free eMagazine service available to all Wigan library card holders - Link

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For something perhaps less historical - more hysterical:

@VizComic (24 Apr):
Here's your Free Viz download for this week of the carry-on: Link

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* All Write Up North Short Story Anthology 2020 is now available online - LINK *

It includes all the stories & winning art work entered into a competition earlier this year.
The theme was ‘All Things up North’ & winners were announced at Wigan Library in February.

Congratulations to:

Ian McLoughlin - 1st place short story ‘The Woman Behind the Bar’
Natasha Tingle - runner-up short story ‘#Homeless but Still Human’
Elaine Phipps - front cover art competition winner
Graham Roberts - front cover art runner up

Anthology PDF

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BWCN is a guide to local news, projects, services, groups and events.

There’s a weekly newsletter - online every Wednesday - and you can email contributions:

Links: Latest Newsletter (29th Apr) / / @borough_wide

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A recent BWCN article - Wigan Libraries eMagazines

* You can become a Wigan libraries member online during the lockdown *

• Fill in the ‘Apply for a library card’ form - Link
• You will receive an email with a temporary membership number
• Email to request your permanent membership number
• You will then be ready to join the free eMagazine service

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Museum of Wigan Life - Facebook (27th Aug):
We are releasing the current edition of our popular local history magazine, Past Forward, as a free digital edition.

Download the magazine here:

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There’s news in the magazine of an interesting competition:

Submit entries to
Or Local History Writing Competition, Past Forward,
Museum of Wigan Life, Library St, Wigan. WN1 1NU

Closing date: Tuesday 1st February 2021

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@WiganMuseum (11th Dec):
The latest edition of Past Forward, the 'people's history' magazine is now out, and you can read it for free online here

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@ WiganMuseum:
Good news for rainy day readers, our Local History publication Past Forward have added 65 more issues to read for FREE - Link

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*Exciting news - Leigh Journal (12th Mar)*

Wigan Libraries are launching a new e-book service in April.

Any member of Wigan library services will be able to download the BorrowBox app to their phone or tablet and access thousands of ebooks and audiobooks free of charge.

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Latest edition of Local Life Wigan

Magazine Link / Jack’s Tracks

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The latest Borough Life is out now - Link

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More free reading

STAT is an independent arts & culture zine based in Leigh. The first issue was published in September 2020.

The first 4 digital editions can be viewed - here. / @STATmagazine / Instagram /

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Most local libraries will reopen from 12th April (limited hours) - Link

*New e-book service has launched*
You can use BorrowBox to browse, borrow & read or listen to ebooks & audio books - Link

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Local Life - Wigan - May 2021 is now out! Link

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Past Forward, Issue 87 is out now!

Past Forward, Issue 87 / Online Archive


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Local Life - Wigan - June 2021 is out now! Link

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Issue 05 of STAT is now out & free to read - here

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Local Life - Wigan - July 2021 is out now: Yumpu

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The latest Past Forward is now on sale at Leigh Town Hall & Waterstones in Wigan (£2).


You can also subscribe for a year (3 issues) - £6 plus P&P - Link

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Local Life - Wigan - Sep 2021 is out now: Yumpu

See p.37-40 for an article about Past Forward which was launched 30 years ago!

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The sixth issue of STAT is now out & free to read - here

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Local Life - Wigan - Oct 2021 is out now: Yumpu

It includes two local history articles by Nicola Gray:
p.28 The Beecham’s Brush-Off
p.70 Hindley’s Bad Boy (Richard Pennington)

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Local Life - Wigan - Nov 21 is out now: Link

It includes the chance to win a Lancashire Day hamper - which is celebrated on 27th Nov.

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Past Forward Essay Competition 2022

If there’s a local history topic you’d love to see feature in Past Forward, why not take part in the Barbara O'Neill Writing Competition?

Competition prizes:
1st - £100, 2nd - £75, 3rd - £50
Five runners-up prizes of £25

Closing date: Sat 15th Jan 2022

More info:

Replied: 18th Nov 2021 at 12:01


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