aint no justice in this land

Started by: gary1964 (3944) 

pheadophile released cos there is no room in our jails..if you robbed the goverment they would soon find you a place

Started: 26th Jan 2007 at 09:53

Posted by: del-girl (377) 

They should fetch back hanging!!....make room

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 09:54

Posted by: empress (9667) 

I saw this fella on the news this morning. Is he THICK or wot???
He gave em an interview, sat there like some pillock holding his missis hand. He'll get lynched before this months out without a doubt.
Theres only one way to get rid of scum like that, euthenise them! Basic human rights of kids is to be safe. With predators like that out on the streets they aint safe at all.
Wish he was my neighbour he wouldn't piggin need a cell

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 10:36
Last edited by empress: 26th Jan 2007 at 10:37:23

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)

Empress did you know it was his wife who
told the police about his downloading kids images,Then welcomed him back to the home they lived in with her two kids from another marriage.I don't think they will both last to long in their nieghbourhood.

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 10:45

Posted by: empress (9667) 

XRH I couldn't believe it when I saw him giving an interview!! He is obviously a bit dim from the way he talks, but to identify himself.......well he done the neighbourhood a favour, did you see the big fella with a baby in his arms?.Bet he's the first to knock on his door ,it makes me sick that they sat there smiling,he wants castrating and I have a pair of scissors handy.

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 10:47

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)

Bloody scarey! But nothing i couldn't cure with a gun.

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 10:52

Posted by: billy (26053) 

why are failed asylum seekers cluttering up the nick????these people shouldnt be there in the first place??there asylum application has failed???it took the yanks 6 hours to find me accomadation outa the states. why should all failed cases of asylum go to appeals here in the uk???other countries make you make the appeal from the country you came from???not here in this screwed up alien gov we have.failed asylum seekers are daily cluttering up the system. i tell ya this bros and sisters, the PBF party will show reid (another plonker, full of spin)just how to go about it. come to think of it, an infant in school would show him the way to go.

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 10:56

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)

Garry1964,you are fishy123,Gary fishwick
just seen your photo.Hope you don't start
offending people again, you upset a lot of people last time with your silly remarks.

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 11:17

Posted by: empress (9667) 

I posted on another thread I thought he was fishy! Its the way he types, welcome back Fishy, just behave this time you little sod!!!!! I missed the nice banter, but not the mean stuff.

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 11:37

Posted by: gary1964 (3944) 

sorry all..ive grown up since then just make honest remarks from now on

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 11:53

Posted by: xrh59 (inactive)

I'm watching you my lad! or as i used to say on my square,you play ball with me,and i'll play ball with you or i'll kick you into f*****G just found out what that means)lol.

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 12:49

Posted by: empress (9667) 

Hiya Gary you rogue, hows life treating you? I KNEW it was you!!!! Its like you type with an accent lol
Watch it XRH I think you and Gary are bonding.....
If gary misbehaves permission to shout?
"Mr Mannering, Mr Mannering....garys being naughty Mr Mannering"

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 12:53

Posted by: gary1964 (3944) 

im ok..just wanted to come back this time im gonna be a good boy honest ,,yes i am..

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 13:02

Posted by: empress (9667) 

hehehe I'll believe it when I see it!
At least there'll be plenty to reply to now your back.....yerrr postathons!

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 13:16

Posted by: gary1964 (3944) 

mmmmmmmmmmm lol

Replied: 26th Jan 2007 at 14:35


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