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Started by: xrh59 (inactive)

Why doesn't our so called leaders who we put there by the way not put our armed forces on ebay and sell them to the highest bidder instead of dismantling them a bit at a time.It's the senior service who are in for it this time selling or scraping six ships in the near future,last time it was the army with no proper gear for it's troops,before that the paras were not to do practise jumps what next the air force to walk into battle.I would gaurantee that such a profesional and disiplined force would be snapped up in an instance by the yanks or even the Israelis,What are these people in power thinking of, what do they think this does to the morale of the men and women in uniform.I personaly have never felt more betrayed by a govt who i voted in after the aftermath of Thatchers britain all the way down to local labour govt.I am may be thinking like others on here that a revolution is needed and the hand of power given back to the people and trade unions instead of these guttless self motivated parasites who expect us to fall in line with their ideas and expect us to be a part of europe without the benefits of the europeans.Talk about rip off Britain ripping off it's own forces now.
Bugger off Blair and your lazy cronnies i want Britain to be great again not a laughing stock of the world, and it will never be with you at the helm that is if you have not sold the helm for scrap due to cut backs.

Started: 6th Jan 2007 at 21:41

Posted by: billy (26053) 

for a guy who likes to threaten and invade at the drop of a hat(blair)says a lot for his intelligence, that he thinks he can cut and slash our armed forces, whilst deploying more and more men, to fight his wars.he insults not only the lads and lasses who do magnificently, with the lack of weaponry needed to fight his wars,but the barracks and housing facilities, that are far below the standards set for the incoming asylum seekers.talking of which....there have been something to the order of 4/5 hundred brit muslims returning to britain from IRAQU. they have been fighting alongside their terrorist bros against our lads and the yanks??no doubt their social security will be back dated on their return.
rule britannia.

Replied: 7th Jan 2007 at 11:50


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