Started by: billy (26053) 

something been nagging at my gut....yup, now i know, wheres my sparring partner roy??come to that, wheres ozzie gal and aussie lass???where are ya cobbers??i can understand the ladies, they are probabley cleaning up all the christmas debri.
helloooo the house, where are ya at mates.

Started: 4th Jan 2007 at 16:00

Posted by: billy (26053) 

horror at the thought....ya aint been taken by a salty???theres always a price to pay for those idilic locations.compared to sand midges wasps after my cream cakes, and the nosey dog from somewhere up the beach,i guess we are lucky we dont need eyes at the back of our heads.come on you guys, the icecream cornets ive just bought you are melting.

Replied: 4th Jan 2007 at 16:07

Posted by: cherry70 (25) 

LOL..I am so lost as to all you just said...checkin out all the you need a new friend billy??..I am here. seriously..I am here...
Have a good one

Replied: 4th Jan 2007 at 17:42

Posted by: sydneylass (2346) 

Sad to say it Billy but we've just had really bad news about a very close friend of ours, who as it happens is also from Wigan, she is very sick so we are a bit preoccupied at the moment.

Replied: 4th Jan 2007 at 22:15

Posted by: coccium (2569) 

I see you have been overlooked in the new years honours list again.I thought you would have got an,
M.G.P. = My good postings.
B.F.E.B.= Billy for everhing British.
B.K.B. = Billy Knows Bullshit.(when he reads/hears it)
J.B.F.M. = Jim Beam for me.
M.F.B. = Morrisons For Billy.
And I am sure there will be some more.

Replied: 4th Jan 2007 at 22:46
Last edited by coccium: 4th Jan 2007 at 22:47:30

Posted by: aussie roy (2574) 

I didn't know you cared Billy and now I'm at a loss of what to say.
Don't you believe it because here I am with my usual flair and expression.
Actually I have been busy apart from that mashocistic pursuit,watching test cricket,I have been helping to babysit two four year olds and seven year old yesterday,and the two boys (4 & 7)today when we went to visit a miniature vilage and a dinosaur museum. I have some photos of today's outing but not quite sure where I post them,a little polite advice would not go astray,thank you.
I will recover from the test debacle and cheer them on in the ODI series.

Replied: 5th Jan 2007 at 08:30

Posted by: billy (26053) 

we are friends cherry,i promise never to attack your posts, i promise to be nice to you always...we are the mouldings of "HANDS ACROSS THE SEA"have a great day cherry, both you and yours.
hey roy, good to see you are still with us. dont talk about the cricket, its not a good tonic for the day/year.
what a shower. i read today that BOYCOTT is going to hang his gong around his cats neck. he reckons this bunch have denegrated the award.the present coach is still there?i think he will have to be pushed, rather than go on principle.
ps nice pic ozziegal.

Replied: 5th Jan 2007 at 11:27

Posted by: billy (26053) 

sorry ozziegal, i should have said ozzielass.still suffering the hangover from the test.what a bunch of losers. stand by now for the whole shower to be taken to the palace for their rewards as "good losers"????pass the jim beam pulleasss.

Replied: 5th Jan 2007 at 11:31

Posted by: billy (26053) 

dont like bad news sydney lass, so i can sympathise with your state of mind right now. i sincerely hope she fully recovers.sincerest wishes for you and your friend.
see you when you return.

Replied: 5th Jan 2007 at 14:39

Posted by: sydneylass (2346) 

thanks billy appreciate it.

Replied: 9th Jan 2007 at 05:12

Posted by: ozzielass (1742) 

Thanks too billy mate. Re - your comments about salties and midges etc. you do need to be made of strong stuff to hack it out here. That's why only the hardy ones can tough it out with all that lovely ice cold beer, bbq's galore, sunshine 9 months of the year, good standard of living to put up with it, oh and the list goes on.....

Crocs - wrestle them to the ground, make a good pair of shoes and handbag to match.

Box jellyfish - bash them to death with your surfboard, hang them out to dry, make a good windchime.

Sharks - Fish and Chips anybody??

Piece of cake mate, piece of cake.

Replied: 9th Jan 2007 at 09:34


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