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Wigan's WH Smith to Close
Wigan's WHSmith to close - and the in-house post office is at risk too The operator of...
Tommy Two Stroke 22 2,106 29th Oct 2021, 14:30
Lancashire Mining Museum
Open Day Sun 21st Nov, 2pm - 3.30pm Limited places, email to book: contactus@healthyarts...
jo anne 1 205 29th Oct 2021, 11:41
jo anne
a proper sentence [url=
basil brush 16 511 28th Oct 2021, 21:01
basil brush
Christmas Cakes
When are you starting yours? Shop bought are fine but you can't beat the stage by stage pr...
TerryW 60 792 28th Oct 2021, 20:39
25th October
On this day in 1415, the English army, led by Henry V, scored a decisive victory over the ...
TerryW 41 1,096 29th Oct 2021, 10:35
basil brush
La Palma Volcano live feed YouTube
[url=]link there's 3 live feed cameras , wit...
dave b 1 187 28th Oct 2021, 17:19
jo anne
Master Phone Socket
Does anyone know about moving a master phone socket from the hall into the living room. Do...
peter g 14 518 28th Oct 2021, 15:36
House of Commons - Latest .......
The Telegraph "Face masks become mandatory in the Commons – for everyone except MPs" ...
tonker 14 461 28th Oct 2021, 08:38
car recognition cameras at marus bridge island .
iv,e just been informed that recognition cameras have been installed at the top of landgat...
whups 26 1,076 28th Oct 2021, 07:52
Covid Pass
anyone else got an invite to get a digital covid pass ?,
tomplum 7 426 27th Oct 2021, 15:34
Tommy Two Stroke
Wigan & Leigh Short Film Festival 2021
Previous years have seen the event hosted at The Turnpike in Leigh, The Old Courts in Wiga...
jo anne 1 140 27th Oct 2021, 12:58
jo anne
The Galleries Redevelopment (cont.)
There’s still time to have your say. Write to: Wigan Council Development Management...
jo anne 49 1,391 26th Oct 2021, 23:58
Covid Booster Jabs
We had our Covid jabs 1st in Feb and the 2nd in May but not had any word about our Booste...
PeterP 33 1,181 26th Oct 2021, 23:39
infections in the United Kingdom.
Sat here watching BBC news and all professional vacancies staff are warning about how the ...
peter israel 12 705 26th Oct 2021, 15:28
I thought
this had been sorted [url=
basil brush 5 434 25th Oct 2021, 21:53
Tommy Two Stroke
Fake fivers and tenners
There seems to be fake fivers and tenner's in circulation, thought they couldn't be forged...
dave b 1 395 25th Oct 2021, 15:19
Buying on ebay
What is it like to buy on ebay any problems, or anything I should be aware of? Never done ...
Anne 16 589 25th Oct 2021, 14:30
Hate is so sad
I do not post very often but something that concerns me more and more is the nastiness in ...
oldswint 76 1,750 25th Oct 2021, 13:55
All Creatures Great and Small
Brilliant Television, enjoyed every episode and it was the last one yesterday evening, bac...
TerryW 14 602 25th Oct 2021, 13:32
Manual Work.
I have done a bit in my time... Especially my 15yrs as a caretaker... T'other day her indo...
Billinge Biker 5 608 25th Oct 2021, 11:37
basil brush
GMP Wigan West 8t07g4Sphoed · We have been made aware of a group of shoplifters who h...
nanajacqui 7 749 25th Oct 2021, 08:46
basil brush
mayhem in Corrie
I love a bit of drama but fed up now of the Abbie out for revenge story. It just doesn't r...
kathpressey 9 465 25th Oct 2021, 08:39
Where are
they going to put them all [url=
basil brush 43 1,113 24th Oct 2021, 23:50
Tipping Arms & Tipping Street
Ever wondered where the name for the Tippings Arms and Tipping Street came from. [url=htt...
Perkin Warbeck 15 709 24th Oct 2021, 14:41
Tommy Two Stroke
Can anyone tell me why with all the major disruption in and around Wigan with these road a...
GOLDEN BEAR 32 684 23rd Oct 2021, 23:22
Willgoose Lane
When was the lane closed off, walked past today I had forgotten it had been fenced. Any id...
TerryW 7 521 22nd Oct 2021, 08:23
This is
getting ridiculous, now, it really is. [url=
basil brush 14 709 21st Oct 2021, 14:48
Back in time for school
Who watched that programme last night, if you didn’t you missed a treat? It started 196...
linma 8 546 21st Oct 2021, 11:50
Tommy Two Stroke
Car parking on the footpath
Drove past Edge Hill University Today and the police were putting parking tickets on the c...
PeterP 47 1,439 21st Oct 2021, 08:30
basil brush
Beware the special offer
Was helping my neighbour, searching on the net. Noticed 'Three' 5g broadband hub: unlimit...
ena malcup 11 480 20th Oct 2021, 18:54
Home heating proposals
Been looking at the proposals changing from fossil fuels to heat pumps with regard to gran...
Anne 15 773 20th Oct 2021, 15:40
New traffic signs
Has anyone else noticed the new traffic signs at the motorway roundabout at Bryn. One s...
mortarmillbill 30 1,224 20th Oct 2021, 08:48
Oh Dear
I do hope they have sorted this out. [url=
basil brush 91 1,496 19th Oct 2021, 20:20
Of £213 million by Ford at the Halewood Plant to make electric car parts thus securing th...
broady 3 314 19th Oct 2021, 16:22
Tommy Two Stroke
Has anyone got an image of the mineral line which crossed Warrington Road near to Clapgate...
admin 7 684 19th Oct 2021, 14:54
Opposition to Government Green Ideas?
Does anyone know if there are any movements dedicated to opposing Boris and his chums bonk...
fedup 11 368 19th Oct 2021, 10:55
Missed delivery charge
Received an email this morning supposedly from DHL asking me to confirm a missed delivery ...
Anne 6 568 19th Oct 2021, 08:56
basil brush
The Larkins
Watched the first episode but not impressed with the language, and it was tame by today’...
linma 17 491 19th Oct 2021, 08:49
in the shops already, we've not even reached Halloween yet. Can't wait for the Cream Eggs ...
TerryW 36 880 18th Oct 2021, 19:45
can someone please
help this poor chap, apparently he doesn't know who he's supposed to be. [url=https://w...
basil brush 21 835 18th Oct 2021, 17:11