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tonker 104 2,990 23rd Mar 2021, 17:53
Billinge Biker
basil brush 1 234 23rd Mar 2021, 12:49
jo anne
Suspicious Package Found .....
..... ""] The old ones are the best!
tonker 3 425 23rd Mar 2021, 12:27
Leeds, Cheshire?
Amazon has taken to informing me that my order is currently in "Leeds, Cheshire"! I hav...
ena malcup 2 328 22nd Mar 2021, 21:28
ena malcup
"A Third Wave"
Boris is quoted as stating that " A third wave will wash up on our shores" So why does he ...
fedup 10 571 22nd Mar 2021, 21:00
More Snow in Spain .....
..... Last Night! "
tonker 10 566 22nd Mar 2021, 20:39
The seeds of love,
If you don't sow them, You will never find out, Today I planted, lettuce seeds , tomato s...
tomplum 15 468 22nd Mar 2021, 18:23
Am I going to be a Dad again ?
considering this hedgehog will have been in hibernation through winter, I'ts mighty tubby,...
tomplum 27 998 22nd Mar 2021, 15:39
has the thread gone about tuther site? I didn't see anything wrong with it
basil brush 26 1,094 22nd Mar 2021, 14:36
basil brush
"It is what it is...."
I am increasingly hearing this phrase. Heard just on BBC news. What is the point of it...
ena malcup 5 400 22nd Mar 2021, 10:47
Tommy Two Stroke
COVID rates up again
I see the COVID rate went up again in Wigan...probably with schools being ...
roylew 24 947 21st Mar 2021, 23:21
ena malcup
childhood memory - grated cakes
As a child growing up in the 1960s and 1970s my nan used to make a meal that was so delici...
Verlaine 4 414 21st Mar 2021, 22:56
I think this might’ve been discussed on WW before, but what is this logo and where can i...
jo anne 13 526 21st Mar 2021, 22:34
Who’s This?
And what does his mantra of ‘Sin Miedo’ mean?
jo anne 6 344 21st Mar 2021, 20:52
jo anne
Car Insurance Quote
I have just got the renewal notice for my car insurance which I thought was expensive,so I...
fossil 14 780 21st Mar 2021, 20:43
The census
Was anyone tempted to add a few red herrings to the form to give future generations the ru...
i-spy 2 300 21st Mar 2021, 20:38
Poorly Sick
On Monday I had me Covid Jab at Robin Park, the Oxford AstraZeneca one, and 12 hours later...
Tommy Two Stroke 51 2,368 21st Mar 2021, 19:58
Powerful ballad.
Now there's one thing I do like is a powerful ballad... If you get chance try a peek at a ...
Billinge Biker 17 593 21st Mar 2021, 19:31
Photo a Day
Dave Oy posts some brilliant photos under Photos of Wigan but took some nasty comments las...
PeterP 46 1,547 21st Mar 2021, 15:27
Census 2021
The once in a decade census will be held this year. It will be on the 21st March 2021.
mortarmillbill 37 1,204 21st Mar 2021, 12:11
Since the Windows 10 update
I have no sound, I followed the instructions and the problem was, my headphone wasn't plug...
Domin0 9 384 20th Mar 2021, 16:37
wmbc the silliest council in the uk
just pu a neighbour to take her into wigan,poolstock lane shut,the queue to get onto warri...
baker boy 65 2,221 19th Mar 2021, 20:29
baker boy
Some more interesting words
Pareidolia A psychological phenomenon in which the mind perceives a specific image or pat...
raymyjamie 8 331 19th Mar 2021, 13:58
basil brush
Well the E.U. have again shown their true colours with the blocking of vacine ,just becaus...
GOLDEN BEAR 8 541 18th Mar 2021, 23:05
laughing gravy
Park Lane Safety Lamps
I came across mention of these in accounts of an accident at Bold Colliery. I cannot fi...
ena malcup 2 315 18th Mar 2021, 16:03
ena malcup
Hypothetical question
As the UK becomes the envy of Europe with the speed and structured roll out of the vaccine...
WN1 Standisher 24 943 18th Mar 2021, 12:17
WN1 Standisher
For all the lovely Wigan people who used to attend my mum's dancing school 'The Fenn Scho...
admin 1 473 18th Mar 2021, 12:07
WN1 Standisher
how not to stop the spread of covid
Schools are back so are some colleges.In the last few days I have seen a woman drop off tw...
PeterP 7 499 18th Mar 2021, 11:51
What day is it
Does anybody know these days. Saturday always had a feel of its own Now they're all the ...
i-spy 9 378 18th Mar 2021, 10:24
Cheltenham horse racing .
Tuesday lst winner wednesday 1st another winner see how the week goes .
anniedingle 1 246 17th Mar 2021, 19:22
Well. Who'd o'thouwt .......
........ that Platt Bridge started out as being in Hindley? And there's me, thinking i...
tonker 16 742 17th Mar 2021, 14:44
black lives matter
[url="]no words
laughing gravy 10 697 17th Mar 2021, 10:55
Mental Health
Changes to mental health services provider in Wigan - [url=
jo anne 2 188 17th Mar 2021, 09:37
peter israel
For any video buffs?
Something I have been meaning to do for many years I have finally done. I have super8 ci...
Anne 3 494 17th Mar 2021, 08:52
Bulldozers busy
Does anyone know what is happening near the canal in the Platt Bridge area. Bulldozers ...
mortarmillbill 6 567 16th Mar 2021, 15:42
Tommy Two Stroke
The Haigh pigs
Have they gone to the pork pie farm ?
i-spy 6 375 16th Mar 2021, 10:45
Gardeners .......
........ "
tonker 1 272 16th Mar 2021, 09:01
River Douglas
Douglas Rivers Association CIC is a new local group passionate about restoring the River D...
jo anne 16 516 16th Mar 2021, 08:12
jo anne
The small print
I just wish they would make it even smaller
i-spy 10 567 15th Mar 2021, 23:05
What is the best way to clean grime (accumulated muck of ages) from painted woodwork? S...
ena malcup 8 430 15th Mar 2021, 19:19
ena malcup