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Good Morning
To all. Looks like we are in for a wet day so the weather lass says, so stay in and keep w...
TerryW 32 896 8th Oct 2021, 14:28
My Son
Just had a phone call from my brilliant Son who has just completed the London marathon. H...
linma 22 487 8th Oct 2021, 10:55
Not naming any names but, there's a bloke/Girl on here keeps calling me a liar, I banned h...
tomplum 12 623 8th Oct 2021, 09:12
basil brush
Contactless Payment ?
Apologies clicked twice
GOLDEN BEAR 1 111 8th Oct 2021, 08:39
Oh..My goodness!
Hello everyone.. Not been on here for quite a long time..Things have really changed! Ca...
custard 11 475 7th Oct 2021, 19:09
The Poets Thread...
CLAIR de LUNE There she goes, following me again... Across the cropped corn and ...
jarvo 390 10,979 7th Oct 2021, 18:09
Fuel shortages
It seems that supplies of petrol/diesel has started to arrive at forecourts. I drove past ...
WN1 Standisher 27 863 7th Oct 2021, 16:44
back I hope
Hi, yo all after a long peroid of illness, Not covod I am able to get back on here,/Myvisi...
aussie94 14 521 7th Oct 2021, 11:45
Oh..My goodness!
Hello everyone.. Not been on here for quite a long time..Things have really changed! Ca...
custard 1 207 7th Oct 2021, 00:26
Tommy Two Stroke
Nothing Changes
I see our brilliant ex socialist leader saved himself a few quid in stamp duties. What was...
TerryW 22 668 6th Oct 2021, 18:34
tree huggin'
do you ever hug trees ? here's a unhugged tree]
Arfur petesake 91 1,029 6th Oct 2021, 18:07
Breaking News: ......
...... Due to the fuel shortage, Chris Rea has just started walking home for Christmas !...
tonker 3 350 6th Oct 2021, 11:59
jo anne
ABSENCE ??????/
IS it me or does there seem to be less and less people writing on WIGAN WORLD these days ,...
GOLDEN BEAR 69 1,645 5th Oct 2021, 19:50
Wigan welcomes Afghan evacuees
"Wigan has welcomed Afghan evacuees to the borough this week as part of the government’s...
Tommy Two Stroke 36 1,777 5th Oct 2021, 13:38
basil brush
is anyone else having trouble getting on facetime tonight ? I need to get off this site, I...
Arfur petesake 20 372 4th Oct 2021, 22:15
the Wigan Artist
They told me to go to rehab [url=] I said NO NO NO ...
tomplum 155 1,838 17th Oct 2021, 14:37
basil brush
basil brush 75 2,108 4th Oct 2021, 20:50
basil brush
Mass testing at high school after almost
70 positive Covid cases [url=
basil brush 10 569 4th Oct 2021, 19:03
This will upset
some taxi drivers [url=
basil brush 8 426 3rd Oct 2021, 23:56
why does it say you wi ll be logged off shortly
r.fisher 1 244 3rd Oct 2021, 19:24
Don GB
Hi Don I'm trying to make a mental picture of you, My best guess is, the job i did in Athe...
tomplum 2 328 2nd Oct 2021, 23:15
My daughter has just told me that Sleeping Beauty is being banned or whatever, because Bea...
admin 40 989 2nd Oct 2021, 10:46
Tommy Two Stroke
loyalty cards(supermarkets)
Are loyalty cards worth having They are all going down the line of instead of giving money...
PeterP 38 930 2nd Oct 2021, 09:22
Billinge Biker
Headline News ! ......
..... Fuel shortage ..... Children affected .... It has been reported that, due to many...
tonker 1 324 1st Oct 2021, 18:34
Well this lunchtime we left for Wigan to do some banking, fist traffic lights on Poolstock...
GOLDEN BEAR 12 781 1st Oct 2021, 15:43
Welcome home Golden Bear
I hope you had a good trip and did't have too much hassle getting fuel,
tomplum - 155 1st Oct 2021, 10:39
I was just wandering did anyone see a report on the bbc news channel yesterday , concernin...
GOLDEN BEAR 20 629 1st Oct 2021, 08:55
Tommy Two Stroke
Blackpool illuminations
Yet again one man complains about one tableau showing a totem pole and 6 native Americans ...
PeterP 14 690 30th Sep 2021, 20:42
Dial 159 for bank fraud hotline
A new hotline to check bank fraud and scams. Ringing this number will connect you to yo...
mortarmillbill 8 446 30th Sep 2021, 16:30
panic buying petrol at Sainsburys, It does't take much to get folks filling the tank up,
tomplum 50 1,651 30th Sep 2021, 15:47
Westwood Lane and St Mary Ince,
Good morning. As a Wiganer by birth.. I have been asked to write my bio and am seeking mor...
Islander 13 691 29th Sep 2021, 17:09
GB car sticker no longer valid.
You must display a UK car sticker instead when driving abroad. Info from BBC website.
mortarmillbill 3 249 29th Sep 2021, 16:35
Billinge Biker
New Farmfoods store at Saddle
Anyone know when the new Farmfoods store at the Saddle opens.
mortarmillbill 11 792 29th Sep 2021, 16:07
Sad news
Of the death of my best friend Brian Winstanley from Wigan road, Bryn (Man on left) today ...
dougie 10 844 28th Sep 2021, 23:41
China short of coal.
From today’s Telegraph The time-honoured cure for high energy prices is high energy pr...
gaffer 6 341 28th Sep 2021, 19:34
Billinge Biker
Utilities Gone Help Needed
My supplier AVRO went bust last night has anyone any suggestions who to change too or not ...
peter g 32 913 28th Sep 2021, 18:10
ena malcup
A Grand Day Out
Before anyone says it’s got nothing to do with Wigan, I agree. Take yourself off to Pre...
linma 9 629 28th Sep 2021, 16:18
ena malcup
Black Gold by Jeremy Paxman
The history of how black gold made Britain. A short clip. But filling ships with coal w...
gaffer 5 365 27th Sep 2021, 19:04
ena malcup
Foreign Drivers .....
..... are receiving their HGV PASS certificates through the post and are being offered [u...
tonker 41 871 27th Sep 2021, 18:54
ena malcup
Billinge Maternity Hospital Records 1969
Hello, Can anybody help me find the whereabouts of the Maternity Hospital Records for 1969...
Polly Tomlinson 1 288 27th Sep 2021, 18:21