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Kindle Cheapie
The Magpies by mark Edwards.It only cost me 99p for a cracking read. a nice young couple b...
kathpressey - 667 26th Apr 2013, 17:03
Looking for a book?
I am hoping that someone out there has a copy of this book and perhaps wants to sell it to...
agertsch 23 1,224 26th Apr 2013, 16:52
Nature part trois
Mac 1 619 23rd Apr 2013, 16:36
Nature part deux
With a little help.
Mac 38 2,346 23rd Apr 2013, 16:27
Polystyrene balls...
Anyone know where I can get these in the Wigan or surrounding area? Thanks..
custard 10 1,649 22nd Apr 2013, 15:47
good film
Olympus Has fallen.lots of action and although the plot is a bit predictable it's entertai...
kathpressey 8 733 18th Apr 2013, 17:53
veg grower
How many motorcycle riders on here then
Let's see how many WW ers are in the 2 wheel club. I'm just gettin' back into bikes after...
dosco 27 1,394 17th Apr 2013, 20:59
Gay literature
i picked up this book from the library "Light Before dark" by Christopher soon bec...
kathpressey 7 914 15th Apr 2013, 19:46
Any stamp collectors on here? Just found my Dad's old stamp book, he collected them whe...
veg grower 15 1,093 15th Apr 2013, 14:24
veg grower
My Ukes
darren 10 758 13th Apr 2013, 07:51
Answer......08-03-13......LEVITATED Anagram...09-03-13......T I O C Y R D E R ...
lizziedownunder 171 6,305 12th Apr 2013, 23:17
discus fish
are there any discus keepers in the wigan area, i have been keeping them for a long time.
rf22vul 11 873 12th Apr 2013, 07:48
Buying a book?
Buying a book. Thinking of using amazon for price? The last few times I have bought a b...
cllr gareth fairhurst 4 591 10th Apr 2013, 12:20
A new toy...
I am posting this using my shiny new Kindle Fire HD 8.9. Okay, this is blatant showing of...
Cadfael 12 910 9th Apr 2013, 13:26
T V - new series of Foyles War on ITV
Used to love Foyles War, so we are really hoping this new series of 3 x 2hr shows will be...
piccyme123 19 2,966 9th Apr 2013, 11:00
A new season
AT Last we can begin Organic Jack Starte...
john joseph 7 847 6th Apr 2013, 10:13
veg grower
Crosswords, anagrams....all things wordy
I guess I could shift my daily anagram to this new message board.....
lizziedownunder 83 2,723 4th Apr 2013, 21:38
My 2 Favorite Spring Plants / Bush
My 2 favorite Spring plants and bush are the Deutzia Bush, we have 2 types, one ...
piccyme123 17 992 2nd Apr 2013, 20:42
Flying a kite.....
I can get it up.But not for long. What's the knack. Stand by for the viagra jokes.
i-spy 13 1,010 29th Mar 2013, 21:05
Clifton Viaduct
Wrong board
dustaf - 601 29th Mar 2013, 14:55
Is this house?
Mac 29 1,110 28th Mar 2013, 08:56
Who am I describing
This person was described as "a real creation" They have a sister called Bessie,and a b...
erontquay 15 818 27th Mar 2013, 19:12
Wodehouse In Exile
Did anyone watch this last night on BBC4? [url="
veg grower 1 657 26th Mar 2013, 10:26
what's on t'telly.
ooh! big fire on Corrie tonight and the rovers will be no more. but who get's out alive an...
kathpressey 9 825 24th Mar 2013, 13:48
A Book At Bedtime...
I'm Your Man. The story of Leonard Cohen. What's yours?
jarvo 17 1,248 22nd Mar 2013, 14:20
Mac 68 3,645 20th Mar 2013, 17:05
Who are your Favorite Writers ????
My favourite writers are ?? 1st - Dilly Court 2nd - Meg Hutchinson but I do have...
piccyme123 26 888 16th Mar 2013, 12:03
Am I the 1st one on W.W.
wow am i the First one up this Mothering Sunday ??? who lives in U.K. ??? think ever...
piccyme123 2 702 10th Mar 2013, 10:42
...... Jeering at Guillemots ......
..... is it an offence?
tonker 9 900 8th Mar 2013, 00:17
.... Broccoli Grouting ......
..... Does it qualify as a hobby, or is it a pastime?
tonker 21 1,064 7th Mar 2013, 19:23
Brilliant Novel just Finished
I Love reading, and when I;m into a good novel time just stands still, and I enter a Bub...
piccyme123 7 922 7th Mar 2013, 15:38
Lizzie DU
LizzieDU, Now you're writing in purple on the popular culture thread, you may or may not...
pisolivadi 7 815 6th Mar 2013, 19:45
what would you do?
a group of scientists aim to blow off part of the artic ice and drag it back to help droug...
kathpressey 4 554 6th Mar 2013, 17:02
The Bullet or the bribe
Fantastic book where it takls about in South America politicans have to take the bullet or...
cllr gareth fairhurst 3 754 5th Mar 2013, 19:46
cllr gareth fairhurst
My Hobby is Politics. Will I be able to discuss it on here???? Only joking.
broady 11 1,034 5th Mar 2013, 18:23
Does anyone on here play Sudoku or any other number games? I used to play Sudoku every ...
veg grower 10 877 4th Mar 2013, 17:36
veg grower
Save Wigan
[url=]YOU can make a difference
Mac 6 1,460 27th Feb 2013, 18:48