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Park Lane
What year was the big Jefferson Smurfit fire? I remember the strong thermal currents ca...
priscus 7 1,262 17th Oct 2018, 20:31
Puerto Mogán..Gran Canaria
Anyone been there...just booked a holiday for next year with a friend..the photos look lov...
roylew 1 869 5th Oct 2018, 22:06
Another Bank Closing
Royal Bank of Scotland Standish will Close on the 28th of January 2019.
cindy 6 816 28th Sep 2018, 18:36
Bamfurlong 'Gridirons'
Read about them a lot in historical railway stuff. Just thought I would appeal to anyon...
priscus 12 1,094 27th Sep 2018, 23:27
Lily Lane Valve/Vent?
Does anyone know more about the metal valve that used to exist right next to the canal bri...
hobofish 16 1,188 27th Sep 2018, 15:40
Tommy Two Stroke
Iceland wheatLea industrial park goose green
Opening September should be good for that part of town
ann-spam 4 1,041 25th Sep 2018, 09:29
Tommy Two Stroke
make some contact
linden ashcroft anyone out there remember me if so would like to hear from you been out...
Tashie - 683 20th Sep 2018, 14:36
Kitt Green 1908
Map just published. Map notes added.
gaffer 45 10,153 14th Sep 2018, 11:56
Hindley Baths
Does anyone on this website know what's happening with Hindley Baths? Went last Wednesday ...
SoniaB 2 917 12th Sep 2018, 23:03
Was there, in 1950's, to South or West of Wigan, an opencast coal mining site named Roughl...
priscus 2 988 7th Sep 2018, 17:55
Earestown station
OK not exactly Wigan as such, but I suppose Earlestown isn't too far from Wigan. But an...
ashtonman01 5 1,005 4th Sep 2018, 22:34
Shearings at wallgate wigan .
I see that it has closed all boarded up have they moved .
ann-spam 2 1,261 2nd Sep 2018, 11:28
Ex servicemen's club
Has there ever been an ex-serviceman's club or a soldiers and sailors club in the Brynn Ga...
pieman 11 1,327 31st Aug 2018, 18:10
Sun pat
where was it located and what years
lanky11 3 1,045 30th Aug 2018, 21:17
Barbers in makinson arcade
new opened looks reasonably priced in a good place there .
ann-spam 6 865 30th Aug 2018, 18:06
Dose anyone know whether there are pics of the Ince Hall Colliery shafts located on the Wi...
Aus65 2 1,741 26th Aug 2018, 19:54
the old Crawford Arms pub at Red Rock
drove past it yesterday and they seem to be adding an extension to the building. Anybody k...
i-spy 49 7,447 23rd Aug 2018, 17:20
Thai restaurant (Tavern bar)
How long has the place been boarded up . Hope its temporary - never had a bad meal there e...
i-spy - 778 23rd Aug 2018, 16:59
The Standish Unity Club - Live Lounge
Your special occasions - a speciality for us... The Standish Unity Club Cross Street ...
billyshym 12 2,785 16th Aug 2018, 15:23
The Bel Air on Wigan Lane
Has it closed down ? A friend was trying without success to make an online booking.
i-spy 25 5,217 9th Aug 2018, 18:59
Social Welfare Institute
This is my great 2nd great grandfathers burial ,where would the social wellfare institute ...
winnie 1 712 8th Aug 2018, 22:08
Llangollen canal
I’m walking the Llangollen canal from Whitchurch to the horseshoe falls...3 days 1st to ...
roylew 14 1,229 4th Aug 2018, 21:50
Orphonage in Wigan 1920's
Does anyone know anything about an Orphonage that was in Wigan It was there in the 1920's ...
admin 4 1,429 30th Jul 2018, 11:22
Hi Trixie. We are sailing up to Lisbon after 12 days in the med.I have been in bed for 9 d...
bentlegs 47 2,351 29th Jul 2018, 15:19
Vietnam and Cambodia
Has anyone done a tour of these countries...if so any experiences to tell...good or bad
roylew 18 1,053 26th Jul 2018, 21:31
Old Wigan photos from Transport website
Came across lots of old Wigan photos on the transport library website. Lots of interesting...
ashtonman01 2 2,077 25th Jul 2018, 15:48
Haydock Lodge Asylum
Anyone know where the patient records from the 1920’s might be held for this asylum? ...
david dunlop 10 1,250 24th Jul 2018, 14:30
Wigan 1987 video
Came across this video on youtube filmed from inside a car (a Capri I think) riding around...
ashtonman01 1 1,071 24th Jul 2018, 08:57
was there a Halifax building society branch on wig
My wife insists there used to be a branch of Halifax Building Society on Wigan Lane just d...
michaeljordan9 3 1,084 23rd Jul 2018, 22:32
Off to Rome
I’m off to Rome on Tuesday 10th July for 4 days...on my own..anyone on here done it solo...
roylew 9 1,122 18th Jul 2018, 18:07
tight frocks
i like the BBC weather woman. she seems a nice person but I hate those skin tight frocks s...
kathpressey 4 990 18th Jul 2018, 14:30
Hindley South Developement
Some folks got letters from Wigan Council today, re-Hindley South proposed development, ap...
dave© 3 953 16th Jul 2018, 23:26
Gathurst Mount and Roburite
Looking for pics/info of the old Gathurst Mount manor. Now demolished, it was apparently o...
Vic_Dave 2 899 11th Jul 2018, 19:19
80 Years of British Aerospace at Lostock
Anyone who worked there might be interested in this exhibition at Horwich Heritage Centre...
kath arkwright 3 1,109 11th Jul 2018, 10:03
kath arkwright
Greenhalghs pie shop
£2.10 for a steak pie .
ann-spam 16 1,572 9th Jul 2018, 13:12
IS THAT STILL THERE AND THE PICTURE HOUSES ??? used to have some good times there
elizabeth 16 2,581 7th Jul 2018, 16:51
Liverpool Echo Arena
jarvo, Peter g, Pauly coming to Liverpool in December.
beep54 - 569 6th Jul 2018, 16:29
Wigan Road Bryn 1940s
Looking at Wigan Road on Google Earth in 2017,how things have changed since my childhood i...
bryn156 42 4,374 1st Jul 2018, 23:26
Hen Street
Could anyone please tell me where "Hen" street is / was in Wigan?
Jumpin Jack Flash 5 1,004 24th Jun 2018, 15:40
Jumpin Jack Flash
twisted ale house in ashton .
does anyone know about this new bar in ashton that serves nothing but real ale ? .
whups 8 1,832 21st Jun 2018, 10:52